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2022.01.20 16:40 ugo456778 Anna Falchi

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2022.01.20 16:40 Comprehensive-Dog-52 Multiple Games channel vs One game

Hello! I'm new youtuber and want to ask what is better in your opinion? Gaming channel about games - you playing games whatever type you like? Or niching down with one game? like FPS only, RTS only or even Fortnite game only?
Asking cause i know that some people like fortnite some darksouls and People from Fort won't watch darksouls.
But i'm trying to make channel that base on my personality not particular game.
Any advices?
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2022.01.20 16:40 5thExpansion What was big news but didn’t get a lot of attention?

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2022.01.20 16:40 NewsElfForEnterprise Washington justices uphold $18M fine in GMO-labeling case

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2022.01.20 16:40 r3linkui5h Parkour Dentistry

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2022.01.20 16:40 PQKE_Spidey Learn Math!

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2022.01.20 16:40 magicmantesla What completely kills your motivation?

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2022.01.20 16:40 jashow Low Voltage Electrician for Network Cabling

I'm trying to hire someone to run network cabling/ethernet in a residential house. I've talked to a few normal electricians, who sound like they "could do it", but it's not really their specialty or something they do routinely.
Anyone have recommendations? Internet says I need a "low voltage electrician", but a Google search of that in the Albany area isn't super fruitful.
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2022.01.20 16:40 Throwaway97112021 Unofficial PC Sessions not showing after update?

None of the unofficial servers are showing up for me yet other people are able to see them. WTF is going on?
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2022.01.20 16:40 Texasmade204 Short list of Congressmen fighting for a fair trading market ( With receipts)

H.R.1528 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Promoting Transparent Standards for Corp. Insiders Act Sponsor: Rep. Waters, Maxine [D-CA-43] (Introduced 03/02/2021) Cosponsors: (1) Rep. Taylor, Van [R-TX-3]
Note: More recently, current SEC Chair Gary Gensler expressed his own concerns about potential loopholes – “cracks” as he labeled them – and announced he had asked SEC staff to consider potential amendments to Rule 10b5-1.2
S.2211 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Promoting Transparent Standards for Corp. Insiders Act Sponsor: Sen. Van Hollen, Chris [D-MD] (Introduced 06/24/2021) Cosponsors: Sen. Fischer, Deb [R-NE]*
Note: The Promoting Transparent Standards for Corporate Insiders Act requires the SEC to study this issue, report their findings to Congress, and write additional rules addressing the ability of people to take advantage of the system.
S.2147 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Stronger Enforcement of Civil Penalties Act of 2021 Sponsor: Sen. Reed, Jack [D-RI] (Introduced 06/21/2021) Cosponsors: Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA]*
Sen. Leahy, Patrick J. [D-VT]*
Note: This bill increases civil and administrative monetary penalties for securities laws violations. The bill also adds a fourth tier of monetary penalties for violations by a person that, within the five-year period preceding the violation (1) was criminally convicted for securities fraud; or (2) became subject to a judgment or order imposing monetary, equitable, or administrative relief in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) action alleging fraud. In addition, the bill expands penalties for violations of certain federal court injunctions or SEC orders.
H.R.4618 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Short Sale Transparency and Market Fairness Act
Sponsor: Rep. Waters, Maxine [D-CA-43] (Introduced 07/22/2021) Cosponsors: (0)
Note: (1) reduces the reporting window for asset managers responsible for more than $100 million in assets to file ownership reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 45 days to 10 days after the end of each month, and (2) expands requirements to include direct or indirect derivative positions or interest (e.g., short positions) in such reports.
Additionally, the SEC must (1) issue rules providing for the public disclosure of short sale activity by institutional investment managers, and (2) report on the standards and criteria used to determine whether confidential treatment applies to an institutional investment manager for the purpose of filing certain reports.
Alibi: As you can see there are no Co-sponsors for this, HUMMMM….
H.R.4620 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) To amend the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to limit the exemption provided for family offices from the definition of an investment adviser, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria [D-NY-14] (Introduced 07/22/2021) Cosponsors: Rep. Green, Al [D-TX-9]
Note: This bill limits the exemption for family offices from the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) regulations applicable to investment advisers.
I noticed there are not too many Co-sponsorships from the congress to help the retail investors. So, I looked up which Representative has received the most Co-sponsorships, and found out it is Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) who is also a Multi-millionaire
Further DD shows that she is married to Barry Dennis.
Who is Barry Dennis?
Barry Dennis retired from Verus Investments in 2020 after more than 40 years of institutional investment consulting. At Verus, he advised many of the firm's largest clients, including corporate and public pension funds, endowments, and foundations. He co-founded Strategic Investment Solutions in 1994, serving as its chairman and chief executive officer prior to its merger with Verus in 2015. Previously he managed Callan Associates’ West Coast office and served as an investment officer for Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Co. of Chicago.
Lastly: Two things that keep popping up are how many Congressmen & Congresswomen are multi-millionaires and mostly all connected to the stock market in one way or another.
The time will come for us to make our vote count, when you’re in that voting booth remember who had our back when we needed it the most.
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2022.01.20 16:40 ThoSmith Oem e46 storage tray with factory installed oem aux adapter for business radio. No longer in need, make me an offer. Located in MA but can ship.

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2022.01.20 16:40 Owl_Perch_Farm Tech question

Can any M4 aeg be upgraded? I'm looking to put new shims in mine and possibly other upgrades. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.20 16:40 MyNameIsImmaterial If you've played Horizons of the Vast, which Patron did you pick for your Charter?

I haven't seen a lot of discussion of HotV here, and I wanted to test a theory that most players will not choose to align themselves with the morally grey organizations, like the Veskarium.
View Poll
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2022.01.20 16:40 AffectionateStatus81 Taylor Swift

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2022.01.20 16:40 Turdbird2000 What training pack helped you improve your game play the most?

For me it was the "Aerial Shots-Pass" I do that until around 25 then consider it a warmup. But when I score i make sure I bang it directly into the goal, no bounce.
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2022.01.20 16:40 tenofdec Feedback request: MSI Prestige 14 Evo

Hello everyone, I'm currently interested in buying an MSI Prestige 14 Evo and I was wondering if there were any positives or negatives that I should be aware of? Please do not hesitate to share your experience and thank you in advance for your comments!
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2022.01.20 16:40 lovely_bird22 Holy crap!

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2022.01.20 16:40 Yu-piter What is your yearly income in US dollars?

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2022.01.20 16:40 wuanlai65 Metaverse Doge | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.

Owner will video Doxx
P2E Game
6% Buy 11% Sell
SC 100 - HC 200!! Max 1 BNB!!

Contract Address: 0x1C60B63780F1Dd3274348a3B5CC42bfd4baf96C3
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2022.01.20 16:40 atomicfelicity How do I add an image logo to my navigation bar?

i have this image that I want to use as a logo on my navigation bar, does anyone know what I should do? I've only started coding like a month or two ago.
I use HTML and CSS btw
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2022.01.20 16:40 Puzzleheaded-Goal681 Hangxiety and Panic Attacks

I am 33 and have been a regular drinker for 15 years. I have “drank too much” or have drank to the point of a hangover more times then I can count and would like to admit. Lately and only recently, when I overdue it. I wake up with anxiety and at some point I got into a full blown panic attack. I feel like I can’t breath or that I am going to have a heart attack. I chug water and sometimes feel like I’m going to choke and not be able to breathe. It is horrible, does anyone else describe their hangxiety the same way?
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2022.01.20 16:40 tworavens Shadows in the Berkshires - Chapter 6: Hangovers, Lunch Dates, and Bombs, Oh My!

Happy new year and other various winter holidays, yadda yadda. Now that the madness that is the holiday season with small children has receded, I have returned to my normal writing routine.
This is chapter 6 of "Shadows in the Berkshires," an occult-themed fanfic set in the "Sexy Space Babes" universe. None of this is canon, I just play in the sandbox that u/Bluefishcake makes for us. Since it's been awhile, you may want to avail yourself of the links to previous chapters above if you've forgotten what's going on. When last we left our intrepid band of adventurers...
Barya Vor’avis was going to die.
She was absolutely certain of this fact as she lay in bed with the worst hangover she’d ever experienced. A herd of angry turox were dancing around in her skull, pounding her brain into paste as they fed on the metabolic byproducts of the alcohol she’d consumed last night.
“ much did I drink?”
She rolled herself out of bed, every movement a stab of blinding agony as she staggered to the bathroom. Opening her medicine cabinet, she popped a couple of painkillers and filled up a cup of water to chase them with.
Twenty minutes and a hot shower later, the painkillers had kicked in and she felt a bit more like a person and less like a walking corpse. She was pleased to find that Past Barya had remembered to put the leftover pizza that David had given her in her refrigerator before she’d passed out, so Present Barya grabbed a couple slices to reheat.
She still couldn’t believe what had happened the night before. How long was I talking with him? she wondered. It had to have been at least a few hours! She rapidly thought of all the things they’d said, half-remembered snippets of conversation playing back in her mind.
“Oh, no, did I really say that when I tried the pizza?” she muttered, horrified, as the pizza finished reheating. She pulled it out of the reheater and blew on it to cool it off a bit. She tentatively took a small bite. “Oh. Ohhhhhh.” She closed her eyes and smiled blissfully. “Okay, never mind. I’m not ashamed after all. It really is that good.”
She walked over to the table and sat down, pulling out her omnipad to check her messages as she ate her breakfast. David had sent her a reply, thanking her for letting him know she was safe; Grizhi had sent her at least a half-dozen messages, demanding to know what had happened after he brought out the special drinks. By the last one, she was asking Barya intimate questions about David’s anatomy.
“Yeah, you’re not getting those measurements, Grizhi,” Barya muttered. “Even if I had them…” She sighed. “Which I don’t. And given how sloppy I was last night, I don’t know if I’ll ever get them. Way to make a good first impression, Barya.” She sank back in her chair.
“I should apologize to David. I got way too drunk for a first date.” She tapped out a message, erasing it and restarting it three times before she finally gave up and just sent it and hoped for the best.
Barya: Hi David. Thank you for having me over last night. I had a wonderful time, and I’m very sorry for how drunk I got. I hope I didn’t do anything untoward, and will completely understand if you would rather I not come by again.
“Way to go, Barya. I’m sure he’ll be so glad to get that message,” she said sarcastically.
“Wait, he replied?”
David: Barya, you have nothing to apologize for. I had a wonderful time talking with you! I meant what I said when you dropped me off, you know. There’s a celebration coming up that some of my friends and I will be attending, and I’d love it if you would come with me.
David: You don’t have to answer now, of course. It’ll be an evening event, and you’ll need some particular clothing. I can arrange that, but I will need some measurements from you if you want to come. :-)
Barya was stunned. She read the messages again, then a third time before she believed her own eyes.
Barya: You’re sure? I really didn’t upset you last night?
David: Barya, everyone gets like that their first time trying spiked cider. I should have watched how much we were both having. You drank close to twice as much as I did, based on how much damage we did to the bottle of rum. And I know you don’t weigh twice as much as I do.
Barya: Still doesn’t make me feel any better about getting that sloppy.
David: Tell you what: Next time, you can be the more sober one.
Barya: How about we just don’t drink so much? David: That’ll work. We’ll have help, anyway.
Barya: …what does that mean? David: Like I said, it’ll be a party with friends of mine. It won’t be just the two of us trying to finish off the booze on our own. XD
Barya: I don’t know if that should worry me or not…
David: I mean, there will be more booze, but also more people. It should be fine.
Barya: I don’t trust you.
David: That’s probably wise. I am a tricky Human, after all. ;-)
Barya shook her head. Was he flirting with her? He had kissed her the night before, right? But was he just being nice to her, or did he mean it when he said he wanted to kiss her again? She had no idea, and she wasn’t about to ask him.
David: I’m getting ready to open the shop for the day, so I won’t be able to chat much for a while. But think about if you’d like to come out to a party. I can tell you some more about it later after I close up and you’re off work.
Barya: That sounds good. I have some errands to run today myself.
David: Enjoy your Shel, then!
Barya sat back in her chair. “What in the deep am I doing?” she wondered aloud. She looked back at her omnipad and began to plan out her day.
David smiled as he turned off the screen of his omnipad. Barya was definitely snarking back at him, which was a good sign. He could tell she was truly embarrassed by how she’d behaved, given how she’d offered to break off contact with him if he’d wanted to. Not that he minded; he’d certainly been drunk enough that he was a bit concerned about his own behavior. Despite that, she was more concerned about herself. It really is a complete reversal of gender roles and patterns of behavior, isn’t it? he thought.
“Oh, shit! Kausi! I’m sorry, buddy, I forgot to feed you today.”
“Mrrrrrrrrrrr.” The giant cat wound his way around David’s legs, then wandered towards his food bowl. He turned around once to look at David and blink, as if to say, “All will be forgiven, as long as my bowl is full when I’m done in the litter box.”
David chuckled. “Yes, sir. I’ll see to it your bowl is full, sir,” he said in a horrendous mock-British accent. Once he’d rectified the hole in Kausi’s bowl, he took out his phone and sent a text to Leanne, the high priestess of his coven.
David: Hey, got a second to chat? Wanted to run something by you.
Leanne: Sure, what’s up?
David: Got time for a call after you’re done with work?
Moments later, his phone rang as Leanne called.
“Hi Leanne! You didn’t need to call now; I know you’ve got work.”
“Nah, no big deal,” she replied. “I’m remote this week anyway. They’re still trying to integrate us into the new datanet architecture, so we’re testing how well the personal nodes work for remote access.”
“I’ll pretend I understand what that means,” David said with a grin. Leanne worked as an analyst for a large manufacturing company. The Shil invasion had initially made things difficult, but they’d bounced back quickly when it became apparent that the military preferred to work with local suppliers as much as possible to cut costs. Now they were producing some sort of widgets in bulk, and Leanne’s group was responsible for tracking quality metrics, or something like that. David really didn’t understand much of what she did, only that it involved a lot of statistics and buzzwords like ‘big data,’ ‘six sigma,’ and ‘Cpk.’
“It means I get to do my job while wearing pajamas and spiking my coffee,” she said with a laugh. “And I can talk to you about whatever crazy idea you’ve come up with this week.”
“Hey! It’s been at least a month since the last time I had a crazy idea!”
“Lughnassadh was not a month ago,” Leanne shot back, “but I’ll let that slide. So what’s my second-favorite warlock up to these days?”
“Getting investigated by the Interior, then getting hit on by the agent doing the investigating,” David deadpanned. “You know, nothing major.”
“WHAT?!” she shrieked. “Explain. Now.”
So he did. He gave her a brief rundown of what had happened, from when he’d been asked to investigate the trick someone had laid on Countess Pavia’s driveway all the way up until this morning when he’d finished talking to Barya.
“And that’s why I’m talking to you, actually,” he concluded. “I, um…I’d like to invite Barya to come to the Equinox bonfire, as my guest.”
There was silence on the other end of the line. For a moment, David was worried that he’d been disconnected, or Leanne had hung up. Then, Leanne burst out laughing.
“Oh. My. Gods. David Henry, only you would end up asking out the woman they sent to arrest you and succeed.” She chuckled a moment longer before getting a hold of herself.
“So, is that a yes, then?” he asked.
“Of course! If you trust her enough to ask her to come and hang out with a bunch of crazy witches, I’m not going to question that. It sounds like she can at least hold her liquor, and she speaks good English, so she’ll get along great.” Her tone suddenly became more serious. “She can’t participate in the actual ritual, though, since she’s not part of our circle. Will she be okay sitting that part out?”
“I’m sure she won’t mind,” David said. “I’ll explain everything to her beforehand, so she knows what to expect.”
“Good enough,” Leanne replied. “Oh, and what about garb? Or are you just going to let her wear one of your spare robes?”
“Oh, hell no!” David chuckled. “I’ll make her something appropriate. There’s no way in hell anything I have would fit her. She’s seven feet tall, Leanne!”
“Wow. You really must like her if you’re willing to make garb for her. You don’t even like making your own!”
“Look, just because I can use a sewing machine doesn’t mean I’m good at it, nor does it mean I’m happy with the work I produce. But it’s cheaper than buying crappy stuff on the internet, even if the Shil’vati have improved safety regulations and truth-in-advertising laws for sizing.”
“So you say. I think you just want to make a good impression on a certain pretty purple person,” Leanne fired back. David could hear the smirk in her voice.
“Guilty as charged,” David said, grinning. “I also might be planning for her to have something appropriate to wear to a certain club if things go well.”
“Now why am I not surprised?” Leanne said. “Don’t let that get out, though, or you’ll have half the coven asking you for help getting in!”
“Hopefully everyone else is as accepting of the idea as you are,” David replied. “Are you sure it’ll be okay?” he asked, sounding worried.
“I wouldn’t say yes if I was concerned,” Leanne said reassuringly. “And if anyone has a problem with it, they can find a new coven. Your girl’s only been here, what, two years? And she wasn’t one of the ones who made the call to come in guns blazing. If you say she’s cool, that’s enough for me. Pete will back me up on this, I’m sure.” “If you’re sure, then,” David said. “I’ll talk to her tonight and see what she says.” “Sounds good,” said Leanne. “Either way, I don’t care if she comes. I do care if you bring us a keg of cider, however.”
“Don’t worry, that’s already done and conditioning. It’ll be about six percent this time. I think we all learned a lesson the last time I made a stronger batch.” “True story. Even the memory of that hangover is enough to make me wince,” Leanne said. “In that case, I have no problems at all, and look forward to meeting your giant purple people eater.” “Leanne! That’s speciesist!” David said, mock-offended. They both broke down laughing. “All right, thanks for talking to me,” he continued. “I’ll let you know if Barya will be joining us, and I’ll bring the cider either way.” “No problem,” Leanne said. “Catch you later.”
David ended the call. He turned to look at Kausi, who had returned to his usual spot on the couch after finishing his morning meal.
“Well, that went better than I’d hoped,” David said to the cat.
Kausi looked up from washing himself. “Mrow?”
“I don’t know if I feel better about this idea now or not,” David admitted. “But at least I’m not worried about it if she does come with me.”
“Merp.” The cat stared at David, blinking slowly and then going back to his labors, purring loudly.
“I’ll take that as encouragement, then,” David said with a chuckle, going to get himself ready for the day in his shop.
“What the fuck?”
Barya was startled out of the news bulletins she was reading by the sound of someone pounding on her door. She got up, grabbing her sidearm as she stalked to the door. She tapped the intercom button, standing off to the side of the door as she did.
“Who’s there?” she called out.
“It’s me, idiot! Didn’t you get my message that I was coming?”
“...Grizhi?” Barya said hesitantly.
“Who the fuck else would come and pound on your door at noon on Shel? I-TAD? Let me in, it’s fucking cold out here!” Grizhi snapped.
Barya unlocked the door, carefully replacing her sidearm in its hidden slot under an end table just before she did so. Grizhi nearly tore the door off its hinges as she burst into the room, shivering theatrically. She slammed it shut, turning to Barya and giving her a hug, burying her face in the taller woman’s chest.
“Shit, Grizhi! You’re freezing!” Barya yelped.
“Shut up and let me steal your warmth, you big ugly turox!” the short Shil’vati said, laughing. Then she let go and backed up a step, looking Barya up and down. “Wait, you’re not even dressed! Did you not see my messages?”
“No…” Barya muttered. “I’ve been reading most of the morning since I got over my hangover.”
“Well, we’re going to lunch,” Grizhi declared. “I want to hear all about last night, but more importantly, are you going to see him again?”
“I think so?” Barya replied.
“You think so? Barya Vor’avis, that is a yes or no question. Are you seeing him again, or not?” Grizhi’s eyes narrowed as she looked up at her friend.
“Yes. Definitely yes,” Barya said. Grizhi’s face brightened and she gave Barya a toothy grin.
“Wonderful! Go get dressed, and you can tell me all about it over lunch.”
Twenty minutes later, the two women had made their way to one of the Shil’vati restaurants that had opened within the boundaries of the military district. Grizhi had ordered some of her favorite food and drink, which, while extremely overpriced this far from the Core Worlds, were still just as delicious. Barya sipped a local ‘beer,’ made from indigenous grains and herbs. It was a lot more bitter than she was expecting, but David had recommended it to her during their conversation, and she found that the underlying sweetness balanced the bitter quite well. She’d also ordered some locally produced food that the restaurant had on the menu, something called a ‘cheeseburger’ with deep-fried tubers as a side.
“What prompted you to order native food?” Grizhi asked her as the server headed back from dropping off their drinks.
“David made a few recommendations last night. And I was inclined to listen to him, since the dinner he bought us was absolutely amazing,” she said with a wistful grin.
“Wait, he bought dinner?” Grizhi said in a shocked tone. “How in the deep did that happen?”
“He surprised me!” Barya protested. “I didn’t realize he’d already paid for it when it arrived, or I’d have covered the cost!” She looked ashamed. Grizhi grinned at her.
“I’m just messing with you. Human men are like Shil’vati women. They expect to be the ones to pay for everything. It can take some getting used to. Matt and I still fight about who’s getting the bill sometimes, but it’s a lot more good-natured now than it was.”
“I don’t know if I can get used to that idea,” Barya admitted. “It’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea that men are the dominant sex among Humans. I can’t ever tell my parents about last night, not if I don’t want them to disown me!”
“What, just because you didn’t pay for dinner?” Grizhi asked. “I had to send my dad a whole bunch of Human stories and history books before he’d believe my story that Matt approached me. He couldn’t believe that men would actively seek out women.”
Barya chuckled a bit. “My dad would be positively floored by the idea. Every one of my mothers actively pursued him. Granted, his first wife vetted them all before she let them near him, including my mother, but he’s never had to pay for a damn thing since he got married.” The two women talked for a few more minutes until their food arrived. Grizhi dug into her turox steak, and looked curiously at Barya’s cheeseburger and fries.
“Well, I’ll admit that does smell pretty damn good,” Grizhi said. Barya took a tentative bite of the sandwich and her eyes popped.
“Empress…that’s decadent!” she murmured around a mouthful. She took one of the fries and dipped it in the provided red sauce. Taking a bite, she immediately quaffed her beer. “Fuck! Hot! Hot!” she cursed as she drank.
“What, spicy?” asked Grizhi, laughing.
“No! Hot. That burned my tongue!” Barya replied, fanning her tongue. Grizhi shook her head.
“What did you expect? Aren’t those deep-fried? Like in boiling oil?”
“Shut up, Grizhi,” muttered Barya. She took another bite, blowing on the fry a bit to cool it before she did. This time, she smiled. It was crispy, warm, fatty, and salty, with a bit of acid from the ‘ketchup.’ “Oh, that’s good,” she whispered.
“Did your Human steer you well?” Grizhi said with a smile.
“Oh, yes he did,” Barya said, digging into her food. The two women ate in silence for a bit, enjoying their meals. Finally, Barya spoke.
“So, I need some advice, Grizhi,” she said. “I’m still really confused about how last night went.”
“What do you mean?” her friend asked. She leaned back in her chair, Blue Grail in one hand.
“The whole evening was wonderful,” Barya began. “I got there just as he was helping his last customer, a tiny little woman who didn’t speak the local language very well.”
“So how did he talk to her?”
“He spoke her language!” Barya said. “But I had no idea what they were talking about, because I left my translator in the car.”
Grizhi smacked her forehead. “Barya, why would you do that? You know better than to leave your translator!”
“But I speak English and David speaks Shil!” Barya retorted. “Why do I need my translator?”
“In case something like that happens, you idiot!” Grizhi said, exasperated. “So what happened?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure the lady knew that I was there to see David, because he told me what she said after she left.”
“Well? Don’t keep me waiting!” Grizhi demanded.
“She told me David was a ‘good boy,’ and to be good to him, or else she’d ‘bring down the fury of God’ on me. Then she called me ‘Little Miss Purple’ in her language.” She blushed. “David said he thought I made a good impression on her. She winked at me as she was leaving the shop.” Grizhi cackled.
“‘Little Miss Purple.’ Hah! That’s a good one. And you always wear your heart on your sleeve, Barya. Did you wear the outfit Matt and I helped you with?”
“Yes, I did.”
“...And?” Grizhi waited expectantly.
“He didn’t comment on it,” Barya said. “But honestly I didn’t care, because he didn’t give me time to worry. He made me tea, we talked, and then dinner came and he brought out that special drink I told you about.”
“You mean the one that gave you the mother of all hangovers?” Grizhi smirked as Barya cringed.
“Yeah, the hangover was bad, but the ‘cider’ was amazing! He had a bottle of local liquor for it. I think it was called ‘rum?’ I’ll have to ask him, because I need to have more of that stuff in my life. The cider, too. But we just talked, for hours. Hours, Grizhi! I’ve never felt so comfortable talking to a man before. It was honestly like I was just talking with another woman–Shil’vati woman, I mean. A short, tuskless, incredibly cute Shil’vati woman, but a woman nonetheless.”
Grizhi listened quietly as Barya related the rest of her evening. She nodded along as Barya detailed the conversation, the drinking and food, and then the ride home. She only spoke up when Barya told her how David had held her chin in his hand and she’d felt spellbound by him.
“Wait, wait. Barya,” Grizhi interjected, “you don’t really believe he has magic powers, do you? I mean, Human dick is pretty magical, don’t get me wrong, but it sounds to me like he was just really smooth, and you weren’t prepared for it.”
“What? No! No, Grizhi, I don’t think he has ‘magic.’ But I really did feel like there was something weird happening. I’ve never felt anything like it before!”
“Maybe, but you were also absolutely blasted, and you know it,” Grizhi said.
“That’s…fair,” Barya acknowledged.
There was silence for a few moments, then Grizhi burst out laughing. “You obviously had a good time, at least,” she said. “You really do like him, don’t you?”
“Yeah,” said Barya. “I really, really do like him. He’s smart, funny, and cute, and I just felt comfortable with him.”
“And you’ve already got something lined up to see him again?”
“Yes. Well, he’s setting it up. You see–”
“Barya! You can’t just let him handle everything! You’ve got to take the lead at some point. You can’t just be passive in a relationship, or he’s going to lose interest.”
“But what about you and Matt?” Barya shot back. “Didn’t you tell me that he sets up a lot of your dates?”
Grizhi waved her hand dismissively. “You can’t use me and Matt as an example. Humans are all different, you said so yourself. Human men are like us. Very feminine. So you can’t use advice that would apply to a Shil’vati guy. You’re going to have to actually talk to David and see what he wants to do, what he wants with you.”
“I don’t even know what I want, Grizhi,” Barya said morosely.
“It can take time to figure things out. Don’t worry about it too much,” her friend said encouragingly. “See what this thing he wants to take you to is about, and then maybe see if you can figure out something he might like to do that you can take him to.”
“I never thought I’d be taking dating advice from you, of all people,” Barya muttered into her beer as she took another long sip. Grizhi just laughed.
“Deep take me, but I never thought I’d land a man before you, Barya! But it looks like you’ve got a good one hooked, so let’s see if we can’t make sure he doesn’t get away from you.”
“Was that your pad or mine?” Barya asked.
“Had to be yours; mine is on tactile only,” Grizhi replied.
Barya took out her omnipad and checked the message. “It’s David!” she blurted out.
“Well, what does he want?”
Barya was quiet for a moment. When she looked up, her face was a shade of blue that Grizhi almost couldn’t believe was physically possible.
“He cleared it with his friends to bring me. And…now he wants my measurements for a piece of clothing,” she said softly. “For the event he wants to take me to.”
“Is he…buying you something to wear?” Grizhi asked breathlessly.
“No,” Barya said, shaking her head. “He…he says he’s going to make it for me.”
The two women were silent for a few long moments before Grizhi gently took Barya’s hand in hers.
“Barya, Goddess help me, but you are going to marry this man.” She let go of her friend’s hand and sat back, grinning.
“So let’s make sure you don’t fuck this up, okay?”
That evening, David worked in his dining room, tracing out chalk lines on a bolt of black woolen fabric as he drafted a long tunic-style dress for Barya to wear. She’d sent him the measurements he needed, and though she’d been very curious what it was he was making, he hadn’t given her any clues. Kausi watched him, gazing imperiously from on top of the sideboard and constantly looking for any chance to jump onto the table and shed on the infuriatingly fur-free fabric. As he had not been successful so far, he was being exceedingly vocal about his displeasure, much to David’s amusement.
“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he said, grinning as Kausi tensed up and then relaxed as he moved between him and the table. “You’re really mad that I haven’t let you get fur all over this, huh, buddy?”
“Mrrrrroww!” came the cat’s reply. He lashed his tail back and forth, frustrated once again.
“I know, I know. But I need to keep the pieces lined up until I cut them out. Then you can shed on them to your heart’s content.”
“Well, if you keep making me stand between you and the cloth, it’s going to take longer for there to be scraps you can roll around in, you hairball.” He finished the last chalk line and picked up his fabric shears, beginning to cut out the main pieces of the garment.
“Hey, this is a special piece for a special lady, okay? I don’t want it to be covered in Weegie before she even gets a chance to wear it!” Kausi sniffed and started licking his groin. “Oh, is that what you think of her?” David said with a laugh. “I haven’t even brought her to meet you yet!” He turned around to see Kausi staring at him, unblinking.
“What, are you mad that I didn’t bring her to meet you?”
The cat stared at him some more.
“My dude, she’s a foot taller than me, and she was drunk. I’m not going to invite someone I’ve only met twice into my house, when one of those times was her almost arresting me. Even if the gods pushed all her figure sliders to 11.”
Kausi blinked once, then resumed washing his nethers.
“Ugh. Do you have to do that there? Sometimes I actually put food on that table!”
Kausi was unmoved by his protests. David sighed.
“I did have a really good time with her, though. I haven’t had a conversation like that with a possible romantic partner in years. She’s really inexperienced, though. And she still doesn’t understand Humans as much as even some of the Marines on the base.” He finished cutting out the fabric and began to gather up the larger scraps to cut out some of the extra bits he needed to do the final tailoring to the garment.
Kausi eyed the fabric covetously, licking his lips and wiggling his rear as he prepared to pounce.
“Oh, no you don’t, you overgrown kitten!” David chuckled as he pulled the fabric up and off the table just as Kausi launched himself. The giant cat skidded across the table, barely catching himself on the cutting mat before he slid over the far side. He glared at David, tail twitching.
“Serves you right. You know you’re not allowed on the table,” David said, folding up the fabric and setting it down in a small plastic bin. He carefully put the lid on the bin, making sure it was sealed, then picked up Kausi, who began to purr now that his owner’s attention was back where it rightfully belonged.
“You’re spoiled. I need to put you out in the garage one of these days so you can earn your keep and catch a few mice. Those bastards chewed through the power cord for my drill last week!” David grumbled.
Kausi ignored him, of course, the deep rumble of his purrs intensifying as he felt David tense up.
“Oh, sure, buzz box. Try to butter me up, why don’t you?” David smiled as he sat down on the couch, Kausi settling into his lab for the duration. They sat quietly for a few minutes, David scratching Kausi behind his ears and both of them nearly dozing off. Finally, David roused himself and lay back on the couch, staring up at the ceiling.
“She’s just so different from any other Shil’vati I’ve met,” he said. “All the other nobles I’ve dealt with have been some of the most arrogant, condescending people I’ve ever met, at least until I get them on a bench or a cross.” He grinned wickedly. “But Barya? I almost feel like she wouldn’t resist like the rest of them. She seems more…caring, I guess?” The grin faded, and he looked pensive.
“It almost felt like she would have done anything I asked her to last night. Hell, she asked permission to stand back up! That was…weird.” He shook his head.
“But she’s just so interested in us–Humans, I mean. We talked for hours last night, about everything and nothing, and if I didn’t have to open the shop today I think we could’ve talked even longer. I really was tempted to invite her in, but she was too blasted. And so was I, if I’m honest.” He closed his eyes, then rubbed them. Looking back down, he opened them again to see Kausi staring at him expectantly. David laughed.
“You don’t care one bit about any of that, though, do you?” he said, resuming his scritching behind the massive feline’s ears. Kausi’s eyes closed and he purred loudly. “Nope, you don’t care at all,” David said. “I should actually talk to some friends about this,” he mused. “No offense to you, milord, but for all your good points, you’re not exactly a qualified therapist.”
Kausi opened one sleepy eye, looked at David, and sniffed. Then he closed his eyes and settled heavily into David’s lap.
“Typical cat,” David muttered with a grin, and started petting him again.
In a dilapidated old Victorian house on the outskirts of Hartford, four men sat around a kitchen table. All the shades in the house were drawn, and no lights came from inside. Indeed, there wasn’t even any power to the house, it having been abandoned after the Invasion. The men worked by lantern and flashlights–actual flashlights, since none of them were foolish enough to bring cellphones during an operation.
They worked in silence, each one carefully adding ingredients to the containers in front of them, delicately placing in the separating plates to keep the various powders apart until the moment they were to do their job.
That job, of course, was to explode.
For months, members of this particular Resistance cell had been coordinating with a few other cells, building up a detailed plan for how they could smuggle in a massive payload of explosives to the main Shil’vati compound near the Capitol building. They were lucky that one of their members had been able to get a job working for the local garrison.
He’d been able to pass the extensive vetting and background checks because none of his immediate family had been victims of the Invasion. Oh, he’d lost someone, but the relationship was distant enough that it hadn’t come up during his questioning, and he’d kept that fact very close to the chest. Not even his friends knew what had happened.
His work as a liaison to the local population enabled him to get in and out with minimal scrutiny, and he was able to find out what could be brought in without causing problems. Helpfully, the Purps put all that information in the employee handbook. Smuggling in a mixture that could possibly explode was still not going to be easy by any stretch, but he at least had been able to help the cell’s demolitions expert come up with something that might work, which was more than they’d had before.
“Warren, are you sure you want to do this?” one of them said, breaking the silence as he addressed their inside man. “You know the odds of you actually making it out again are…not good.”
“John, we’ve gone over this a dozen times,” another said. “We’ve thought of every possible way it can go wrong, and come up with ways to get around them. At this point, if Warren doesn’t make it out it’s going to be from bad luck and nothing else.”
“I’m still not confident,” John replied. “We’ve got a mixed shipment going in. Sure, each item is innocuous on its own, but combined they might throw up some flags. We can’t know if they’ll examine things closely enough to know that they’re mixed in such a way that they can go off. If it doesn’t get in at all, then what?”
“Then we try again in a few months when their guard goes down. C’mon, Mike, we’ve talked about this.”
“But Warren would be compromised then, wouldn’t he?” Mike asked. “So what would we do?”
“No, I wouldn’t be,” Warren finally said. “The shipment isn’t going to be addressed to me, dumbass. It’s going to be marked as part of the normal shipments of food and equipment from local suppliers. They’ll get some heat, but they’re already working with the Purps, so fuck if I care.” The others nodded in agreement.
“So we’d have to find new suppliers to hijack their shipments for another try, then,” John said, “and probably come up with a new…mechanism. But Tony says this should work, and Warren says it should pass the security checks, so I’m not that worried.”
“It will pass security,” Warren said emphatically. “I’ve already started laying the groundwork for that. One of the suppliers is really trying hard to get in good with the Purps, so we’ve been giving him inside info on who he can bribe to get his product through security and into the right hands more easily. Since we’ll be piggybacking on that shipment, our stuff gets through with it.”
“Risky, but clever,” Mike said. “But won’t the bribes make it more likely they’ll be found out?”
“No,” the last man said, breaking his silence. “Bribery is endemic to the Purps’ culture. It’s like a lot of places in Asia and the Middle East before the invasion. You pay a ‘tax’ to the inspectors to make sure your stuff doesn’t get ‘stuck’ in customs or whatever. If you want it to get through faster, you pay a bigger tax, maybe to someone higher up. No one thinks anything of it, and those who do get smacked down by those who want to keep making money. Rocking the boat is a good way to get reassigned to somewhere shitty.”
“How do you know this shit, Tony?” John said. “Chemistry, engineering, electronics, and Purp culture? Where do you learn it all?”
“I read a lot of books, John,” Tony replied flatly. “It’s the smart thing to do. ‘If you know yourself and know your enemy, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.’”
“Sun Tzu,” Warren said. “But where do you think we fall on that scale, Tony?” he continued. “Do we know ourselves and the enemy? Do we know ourselves, but not the enemy, or vice versa?” He frowned. “Or do we know neither ourselves nor the enemy?” There was silence for a long minute as the men continued to work.
“I think you’re the one who really can answer that, Warren,” Tony finally responded. “Do you think we know the Purps?” He stopped working on his IED. “And do you know yourself?” He stared Warren in the eyes, his gaze intense. “Are you ready to do this?”
Warren didn’t flinch. “They killed the man who raised me,” he said flatly. “I don’t care if I go down doing this. So long as I make them hurt, I can be okay with that.”

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