Currently, it's January 20, 2022 at 02:45PM

2022.01.20 16:45 erer1243 Currently, it's January 20, 2022 at 02:45PM

Currently, it's January 20, 2022 at 02:45PM
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2022.01.20 16:45 Main-Singer4952 Selling Shirts

I quickly designed a few shirts sv3rige style to spread the message to legalize raw milk if your state or country has banned it. I'm going to include in pictures what they look like.
If anyone is interested I can order some fore you, e-mail me:)
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2022.01.20 16:45 Memethi3f42 Best Team for Locations 7 & 8 ?

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2022.01.20 16:45 joshermosher1 Massive problem ⚠️

No idea why but I can't have the tag for the club as Nessie or nessi ness as its inappropriate and also WATTSON is also inappropriate even with lower letters what should I call it
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2022.01.20 16:44 RedKing85 Bant Theurge

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2022.01.20 16:44 Joey_6 Necro Nancy Ch. 6 is up!

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2022.01.20 16:44 jookco armando garcia fernandez : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.20 16:44 FinFETchannel Released a 3d game made with Python and Pygame: Dead And! Source and tutorials available. Also had some fun making a super cliche trailer for it

Released a 3d game made with Python and Pygame: Dead And! Source and tutorials available. Also had some fun making a super cliche trailer for it A 3d raycasting game with zombies and mazes
Goofy trailer:
Source code:
Playlist with tutorials and devlogs:
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2022.01.20 16:44 -HI3U- This is me at 17. Been lifting for 3 years all natty

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2022.01.20 16:44 adiverges Pixel 5a connectivity issues

Over the last week or so my internet has slowly crawled to a halt. I'm on AT&T network and it shows full connectivity. I also have a work iPhone 12 that works perfectly and doesn't have such a lag. I mean, it takes a good 15 seconds to load a website now. It's absolutely ridiculous. When I restart the phone I get it working for like 30 minutes and then it goes back to being shitty.
I'm not sure if this is a problem with the sim card, phone itself, or something else. I ran the speed test and it came back as 0.48mbps. that's just so damn slow. When i restarted i ran it again and got 2.78mbps.
Please help
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2022.01.20 16:44 Hairlesscat645 “4x4 just means you’ll get stuck 4 times farther in than a 2wd”

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2022.01.20 16:44 RatchetIsScratching [PC] [JUST WIPED] Apocalypse 31 Deer Isle | EAI | 50KStart | BBP | TRADERS | MODS+ | CARS+ |

Welcome ! About us:

We want to provide as much as we can of the survival experience on our servers. We got plenty of mods that will boost the survival feeling & of course some fun mods. We always make sure that our members are enjoying their time on our servers, also we make sure that we have friendly and active admins that is willing to help out whenever its needed too ! In this server we all vote together and take decisions as one, big changes will always be voted and no matter what its up to the members to vote in what way they want it. Its important for us that everyone is enjoying the time being spent on the server and if not we always up for any tips or suggestions we can bring to the server.
Welcome to Apocalypse 31 and enjoy!
Server name: [JUST WIPED] Apocalypse 31 Deer isle
Server IP:
• Server map: DeerIsle
• 50 Slot server
• 50K Starter cash to get you on feet
• Weekend Base Raiding With C4 & Sledgehammer ONLY
• Fully PVP except near safe zones/traders
• Weekly Events !
• Third Person (3PP) & First Person (1PP)
• Increased Animals
• Boosted Loot +
• BBP+ / MoreDoors / Codelock
• Helicopters & Helicopter traders
• Modded Vehicles
• Drugs+ & Cannabis+
• 100+ Weapons and different gear!
• BasicMap
• SpawnSelect
• Airdrops Upgraded
• Advanced Banking
• Player Banking & Clan Banking
• Party System & Clan System
• Trader Mod With custom Areas
• In-Game Rewards
• Items Resize
• & Much More !
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2022.01.20 16:44 Ok_Negotiation9853 Do legendary skins go on sale?

Do legendary skins go on sale? I want to get the MCU outfits but their so expensive, do these expensive skins ever go on sale?
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2022.01.20 16:44 george_i Ce complexe mai au românii zilele astea?

Pe vremuri era jenant să te vadă cineva cumpărând haine din Complexul Europa.
Mai știu pe cineva care mergea cu troleibuzul, pentru că numai țăranii mergeau cu tramvaiul.
Ceva mai copilăresc.... când băieții erau îmbrăcați de mame cu dres. Deși nici cu izmene ca tataie nu era cool. Vă dați seama că dacă se afla ce ai sub pantaloni era sfârșitul vieții tale sociale.
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2022.01.20 16:44 Guidelighted Sorry babe, the DE posters stay on

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2022.01.20 16:44 fluffy79g How i Built a Mexican Style Restaurant in Sims 4 - with no CC

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2022.01.20 16:44 simp12345678H Rate my setup 😎

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2022.01.20 16:44 kylohkay Discouraged junior designer, advice

I recently got my first design job and I’m started to think I’m just too unqualified and/or going to get fired.
I have only been at this job a few weeks. I was given a couple projects and the designer above me gave me guidance and I thought I made some solid stuff. Far from perfect, but my results seemed to please my direct mentor and my other coworker.
Then, both times, the higher level manager above him has seen my projects and abruptly told me to pass off the files to my first manager so they can change it.
Do they just not trust me to make the right changes? It’s pretty disheartening. I thought I’d implemented every change asked for. Maybe I’m still just not good enough for this position, I don’t know. Am I overreacting or should I be worried about getting fired over stuff like this?
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2022.01.20 16:44 skdimu Why do narcissists use their rage tantrums as an excuse to tell you everything they think is wrong with you?

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2022.01.20 16:44 njaxk1233 ODD: Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a childhood disorder that is defined by a pattern of hostile, disobedient, and defiant behaviors directed at adults or other authority figures. ODD is also characterized by children displaying angry and irritable moods, as well as argumentative and vindictive behaviors. While all children will display some type of defiant behavior throughout their growing years, children suffering from ODD will display such behaviors much more commonly than that of any other type of behaviors. For these kids, it can seem like nothing can be done to make them happy. These children will not only do things to purposely cause conflict or to purposely annoy the people around them, but they will oftentimes place the blame on others.
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Statistics
Oppositional defiant disorder is one of the most common behavioral disorders in children. It is estimated that about 10.2% of all children will develop ODD, but the true prevalence of its existence is still debated amongst professionals. It has been said that, prior to the onset of puberty, ODD is more prevalent in boys than it is in girls. However, once puberty has been reached and surpassed, the number becomes more equivalent between the sexes, with the condition being said to occur in about 11% of boys and 9% in girls. Girls, however, tend to display the symptoms of ODD differently than boys will. Encouragingly, it is estimated that around two thirds of children who are diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder will overcome the vast majority of their behavioral disturbances as they continue to grow older. Some studies have shown that by the age of 18, nearly 70% of children previously struggling with ODD no longer have symptoms of the disorder.
Causes and Risk Factors for ODD
The specific causes that might be attributed to the onset of ODD cannot be narrowed down to any one specific factor. It is widely believed that a combination of factors work together towards causing a person to develop the symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder. The following are some examples of various causes and factors that may play a role in the development of ODD:
Genetic: It is common for children who are diagnosed with ODD to have family members who also suffer from various mental illnesses. Such illnesses can include mood disorders, personality disorders, and anxiety disorders. This fact suggests that there is most likely a genetic component that leads a person to be more susceptible to developing oppositional defiant disorder, as opposed to a person who has not next been exposed to the same type of genetics.
Physical: The presence of oppositional defiant disorder traits have been linked to the existence of abnormal amounts of certain brain chemicals. These brain chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, work towards helping to keep the brain chemicals themselves balanced properly. When an imbalance exists, and messages are suddenly unable to communicate properly with other aspects of the brain, symptoms of ODD may occur.
Environmental: The environment in which a person is raised can have a significant effect on whether or not he or she may fall in to the symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder. If a child is surrounded by a somewhat chaotic home life (where violence, arguments, and other forms of general discord) are prevalent, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the child could begin acting out at as a result. Similarly, if children are exposed to violence or have friends who behave in destructive, reckless manners, those children too are more likely to begin displaying behavioral symptoms that correlate with the onset of ODD.
Risk Factors:
Familial discord
Dysfunctional home life
Exposure to violence
History of mental illness within the family
Exposure to substance abuse
Inconsistent parenting (inconsistent discipline, inconsistent interaction, etc.)
Abuse / neglect
Signs and Symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
The signs and symptoms of ODD will vary from person to person. There may also be a significant difference in how the symptoms present themselves in boys as opposed to how they are presented in girls. The following are some examples of signs and symptoms that may be evidence that a child is struggling with oppositional defiance disorder:
Behavioral symptoms:
Easily losing one’s temper / throwing repeated temper tantrums
Refusing to follow rules
Deliberately acting in a way that will annoy others
Blaming others
Blatant hostility towards others
Being unwilling to compromise or negotiate
Willingly destroying friendships
Being spiteful and seeking revenge
Blatant and repeated disobedience
Cognitive symptoms:
Frequent frustration
Difficulty concentrating
Failure to “think before speaking”
Psychosocial symptoms:
Difficulty making friends
Loss of self-esteem
Persistent negativity
Consistent feelings of annoyance
ODD and Co-Occurring Disorders
Oppositional defiant disorder tends to coincide with the existence of other disorders. Most commonly, children suffering from ODD also tend to suffer from, or experience symptoms of:
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Conduct disorder
Other disorders that may overlap with the presence of oppositional defiance disorder can include:
Anxiety disorders
Depressive disorders
Bipolar disorder
Intermittent explosive disorder
Intellectual developmental disorder
Language disorders
Effects of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
It is vital for parents to seek help for their child before the problems become severe and lead to complications in their lives. Children who do not receive treatment and support for their ODD may suffer from long-lasting effects. Such effects can include:
Social isolation
Lack of friendships
An inability to develop meaningful relationships
Difficulty in educational settings
If the disorder remains untreated, the following effects can result in adults when they have not received the proper help required to manage their symptoms of ODD:
Ongoing patterns of relationship conflicts
Trying to control others
Unable to “let go” of grudges / having difficulty forgiving
Arguing with authority figures that can result in negative consequences, such as being fired from a job
This information was sourced from:
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2022.01.20 16:44 MolecolaDiFumo Young Platform Step

Oggi ho scoperto questa interessante app( che potrebbe tornare utile per iniziare a "giocare" con le crypto, token ecc...ho un dubbio però, i token guadagnati con i quiz, passi ecc vanno dichiarati come qualsiasi altra Crypto?
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2022.01.20 16:44 digitalthinker Love the urban scheme from this Warcom post! Can anyone help me identify the two main colors used for the tank camo pattern?

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2022.01.20 16:44 _samar_ What would happen if all the investment was withdrawn from non-productive assets (such as gold and cryptocurrency) and poured into productive assets (such as business, real estate)?

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2022.01.20 16:44 basedones What role do you think Shanks will play for the rest of the story?

I feel like there’s a lot of directions Oda can go with him.
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2022.01.20 16:44 PresleyYellow I made this about a month ago but I really liked it and had not posted it here

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