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Looking for couples with kids to hang with who like to smoke as well.

Couples looking to purchase their first RV usually aim for smaller sleeping capacities, but skimping on space shouldn’t mean eschewing amenities. When exploring the world in a travel trailer, most couples want an RV that isn’t just functional, but recreational as well. After all, an RV isn’t a ‘recreational vehicle’ for nothing. Exactly. I’ve actually witnessed it firsthand as well aside from my own situations. It’s really scary to know how they will play the part for years until it is an inconvenience to them. You would think ppl would know that but I guess folks like to turn a blind eye to things or like I said, don’t care to acknowledge it if it’s not them. The ONE STI learning model strengthens STI’s existing blended learning mode that combines independent online learning at home via the eLearning Management System (eLMS) with the invaluable hands-on training in simulation laboratories onsite or on-campus. If you want to have kids in your life, divorce rates are like 60% now, and most of those people seem to come with kids. And the way things are in the world, you could probably just stick a marshmallow on a stick and lure on home as climate change and global unrest and famine swell. Few TV couples have as much chemistry as Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) did on the '90s series Mad About You. The New York City pair was, well, mad about each other, but they struggled to keep their relationship running smoothly—you know, like the rest of us do. Set to be released just in time for the holidays, the Echo Show 15 is like a digital bulletin board that keeps couples (and families) connected with one another. Alexa enabled, this smart display ... It didn't bother us as we would not know anyone on that ship. Looking at balconies on that ship, we could see about 10 balconies with nude people on them. On a couple of them were four people, and one must have about eight people. We waived, and others on the ship waving as well. We would like to think they were waving at us. Smoke & Mirrors. 22nd September 2020. So Boris has spoken. We will have to get used to this new “normal” I guess. The good news is we are ready for this. As a venue, we are already well-rehearsed in table service, social distancing, cleaning and looking after customer and staffs wellbeing. If you like coloring, check out our amazing coloring book made from kids drawings, it's free to download. What do you call a frog that eats crumpets? A crumpet frog! 😐 😃 😍 ← Rate this post. Looking for more fun things to do with kids? See our 200 fun babysitting activities and use our filters to find the perfect games for your situation. Valerie Bertinelli says she and ex Eddie Van Halen reached ‘a beautiful place’ at the end of his life. The actor and television host opened up about her new memoir, where she writes about her ...

2022.01.20 16:45 Tikipunch02 Looking for couples with kids to hang with who like to smoke as well.

Me and the hubs are in our 30's laid back very open minded people with a 10 year old. Looking for couples to hang with that like to kick back and meet new people. Also we are recreational smokers here wanted to make that a point because it can be very judged with having children as well. (We do not smoke around our child)😊
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2022.01.20 16:45 Plastic_Success_1776 check out this message to you as a matter of fact what are your thoughts on letting nothin' hold you back if the Scatman can do it, so can you?

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2022.01.20 16:45 VamPiet4h [GEAR] Tuning peg doenst turn the whole thing

So i'm going to tune my guitar. Its all going fine and dandy until, when i go to turn one of the pegs, i notice that it itself turns, but the contraption that the peg is supposed to turn in order to tune the guitar isnt turning, like the peg isnt connected to it or something. Anyone knows how to fix this?
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2022.01.20 16:45 HoldTheApex Business - Finance & Accounting

I’m looking into the business administration degree with an specialization in Finance while also minoring in Accounting. I wanted to know what people think of this combination. Any fellow business major can talk about their experience within the department and what potential career they want to go into?
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2022.01.20 16:45 GladiusNocturno Grimm. Myths, Allusions, and what they might represent: Vale - Part 02

Hello, gorgeous. Looking great, love what you did to your hair.
This is a continuation of my previous post regarding connections in Mythology and Literature to the behavior, fights, and designs of the Grimm and my own theories about them.
We end up today the list of Valean Grimm. So, let's get into it:
Goliath: Most people know the story of David and Goliath. The Giant Philistine who was killed by David with a single hit from a slingshot.
The Goliaths represent that massive, giant, and ancient threat. It is important to note that we have very rarely seen huntsmen defeating Goliaths, the closest we have seen was the time Ruby and Penny killed the Megoliath in Mantle, but we’ll talk about Megoliaths in another post because they are a subspecies. Goliaths are an extremely durable and unstoppable force of nature. A single Goliath is enough to wipe a whole settlement and the creature is the source of one of CVFY’s biggest traumas as they were powerless to stop it during their V2 mission, resulting in the death of innocent civilians which they were supposed to protect.
Similar to the biblical tale, The Goliaths represent to the huntsmen a huge challenge that seems impossible to beat, but they must at least try.
The most common deity associated with elephants is of course Ganesha from the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is the God of New beginnings, wisdom, luck, and the remover of obstacles. This could be associated with the Goliaths’ ancient wisdom as they are noted to be of the species of Grimm that have grown intelligent, tactical, and wise because of their long existence and experiences.
Beatles: When John, Paul, George, and Ringo met in Liverpool….wait, no, wrong Beatles. Ok. The Beatle, also known as the Grimm parasite, is the Grimm Cinder used to suck the magic juice out of Amber in V3.
Not much is known about the Beatle, we only know it for the one special thing it does, it has the ability to move magic from one body to another, possibly stealing or damaging the soul of the victim while granting it all to the recipient.
This aspect of movement, and transferring of magic and souls could be associated with the Egyptian Beatle God Khepri.
Khepri is an aspect of the god Ra who specifically represents the dawn and morning. During the night, Ra’s dead body travels the underworld where he would visit the 12 Kingdoms of the night. During the 5th hour of the night, Khepri appears in the Realm of Night and Darkness and attaches itself to the corpse of Ra. On the 12th hour of the night, Khepri and Ra fully merge and Ra is reborn as Khepri at Dawn. Khepri as a Dung Beatle has the ability to roll the sun up making him the God of The Rising Sun. Dung Beatles were believed to be symbols of change and rebirth because they are born hidden inside their dung balls and then come out fully formed, making it look like they come from nothing when in reality they have formed away from the eye, in the same way as Ra’s journey takes place during the night and hidden in the underworld and he is reborn fully formed at dawn.
Like Khepri, the Grimm Beatle serves as the source of its host’s new power. A being from the realm of Darkness, the Grimm Beatle takes the Magic of the victim and damages the light within them, their aura, but it doesn’t destroy them, instead, it moves that light from one place to another like Khepri rolls the Sun at dawn. Then like with Ra, the host is reborn after fully merging with the Beatle, now a being of magic, a Maiden. Keep this part in mind because this is not the last connection Cinder has to a Sun god.
So, the takeaway I want you to get here is that. Cinder has a shit bug inside her XD.
Wyvern: So, what is a Wyvern?’s a dragon. No, I don’t care what Tolkien says, Wyverns are simply two-legged dragons, and while the Grimm Wyvern is called that and does have two legs and two wings, the fact of the matter is that what it represents is a European Dragon.
What Dragons look like and what they represent varies from culture to culture, but the European Dragon almost always represent the same thing as the Wyvern Grimm does, a demon, the ultimate foe of the noble heroes, the most powerful of the beasts, a cursed monster that other monsters fear, and the embodiment of a vice, typically the embodiment of greed.
The Wyvern hits all these marks, it is the most powerful Grimm in Vale, it is an ancient beast that surpasses all other Grimm, it is the ultimate Grimm the Huntsmen must defeat and it appeared as a result of Cinder’s greed, not for treasure but for power.
So, which specific Dragon does the Wyvern take inspiration from? Well, it’s hard to say because there are way too many European Dragons.
The Wyvern rested below a mountain until it was enraged and flew on a path of destruction, this is similar to the Dragon from Beowulf. Like the Dragon from Beowulf, it is an Embodiment of Greed, but that's also a similarity it has with the Norse dragon Fafnir. The Wyvern is able to summon other Grimm by dropping Grimm goo, which could be seen as it poisoning the land below it, this would tie it again to Fafnir who was able to breathe poison rather than fire.
Try as I may, I couldn’t find a mention of a European Dragon being petrified on a tower. However, the fact that the Wyvern lays dormant on the usurped home of the heroes, leads me to believe that the Wyvern’s allusion is in fact the Dragon Smaug from the Hobbit who famously took the home of the dwarves, the Kingdom of Erebor. The surrounding domain around Erebor became a scarred wasteland, similar to how the land around the Wyvern, Beacon Academy, has become a desolated land swarming with Grimm.
It's no coincidence that Smaug hits the keys it does, as the elements of greed and desolated lands are both inspired by Fafnir and the Dragon from Beowulf. And just like those three Dragons, The Wyvern is an embodiment of Evil, Death, Destruction, and Greed, one that must be defeated by the heroes.
Slaying the Dragon and reclaiming their home is the duty and challenge the heroes face. It is the final test of a noble hero to defeat the might of the Dragon.
Death Stalkers: It’s not clear what the allusion of the Death Stalkers actually is. Their name comes from a species of scorpion also known as the Palestinian yellow scorpion…and that’s about it. So, I started digging a bit to find scorpions in mythology….and there isn’t much on them…weird, right?! So, I had to go to the more obvious examples.
Scorpius comes from the myth of Orion and is the namesake of the constellation. It is the creature sent to kill/scare off Orion by the Gods.
There isn’t much to say here, although, something that I found interesting was the connection Scorpius, Orion, and JNPR have with Apollo.
Depending on the myth, Scorpius was sent to kill Orion by Apollo. You know who else did Apollo have killed?...Achilles. Yeah, it was Apollo the one who guided Paris’ arrow which killed Achilles. Apollo’s association with the Sun and archery are shown in Cinder’s association with heat and her killing of Pyrrha by an arrow.
To further this connection to Orion. Orion’s main character flaw in certain myths is that same womanizing attitude Jaune had in V1, which brought both nothing but rejection and misery. (Although in that version of the myth, Zeus turns Orion into a constellation after his death so that he could keep harassing the Pleiades….because Zeus is an asshole!).
And to further the connection to Apollo. He was also the God of Oracles. He granted visions of the future and brought prophecies, which is the ability of the Relic of Choice, the Relic that should have been Pyrrha’s but is now Cinder’s.
Twice have JNPR fight weapons of Apollo. They bested Scorpius, the one creature Orion could not hunt. But they couldn’t stop Paris’s arrow.
The Death Stalker being Scorpius represents the first challenge JNPR has to face as they walk the path of the hunter like Orion. In fact, the way they killed it was by hammering its own stinger right in the middle of its head, which is where the star Antares (the brightest star of the constellation) is located in the constellation of Scorpius.
Their defeat before Cinder and loss of Pyrrha represents their first defeat as soldiers like Achilles. Both challenges were brought by Apollo, but curiously enough, JNPR themselves are connected to certain elements of Apollo. Light, healing, protection, music, herbs, and prophecy…So, I guess Apollo just doesn’t want them to get him out of a job. Seriously, Apollo, why do you hate JNPR so much!?
Nevermore: This one is perhaps the easiest to recognize but not the least interesting by far. Nevermore are based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, and the meaning of its battle with RWBY is really really fitting.
The Raven is a poem that focuses on grief and loss and the crushing emotional conflict between the desire to forget and the desire to remember. The Raven is a mocking entity through which the narrator projects his frustrations and self-doubts and it is this inability to move on that leads the narrator’s fall into madness.
To further emphasize this connection to grief, in the poem, the Raven lands and perks itself on a bust of Pallas. A bust of Pallas represents an Epithet of Athena which in multiple myths is tied to a moment where Athena faced great loss and grief after the death or accidental killing of a dear friend, after which Athena took her name to honor her memory.
Athena the goddess of war, is eternally bound to grief, unable to move on and having to carry the mantle of her lost loved one.
RWBY, young female warriors. One of their core philosophies is to keep moving forward, and the first challenge they faced as a team was the embodiment of grief itself. The Raven.
The defeat of the Nevermore through the unity and bond of team RWBY is that first victory against the feeling of underwhelming and crushing loss. It is that conquering of grief through mutual support that allowed them to find a path forward and move towards their futures.
And we are done with Vale. Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think.
I'll see you all in Mistral.
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2022.01.20 16:45 Connect_Main_669 Alle de gode tilbud vil komme i gruppen på telegram link er her->🤝

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2022.01.20 16:45 sploush $50 free cash from M1 Finance! $100 deposit required. [USA only]

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2022.01.20 16:45 BootlegSauce Any tips of Playing wow PVP but avoiding shadowlands endgame?

I am pretty keen to play wow again(Mostly battlegrounds), but i quit last time due to all the dailies\random stuff you have to do to keep up in order to arena and battleground. I was thinking about coming back but i really dont want to play shadowlands endgame. Does anybody know a good level bracket that you can sit at and just BG and nothing else?
I was thinking the level 50-60 bracket would be best but i am open to any other opinions?
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2022.01.20 16:45 Designer_Shopping_27 THIS SUBREDDIT MAKES ME SO MAD

Like seriously it's so annoying
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2022.01.20 16:45 Available-Credit5371 Post di spiegazioni con link di invito per ritirare il bonus gratuito.

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2022.01.20 16:45 bucko4x4 Orange cats are the best lmao

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2022.01.20 16:45 Koala_Guru When it comes to the accurate story, should we defer more to the game itself or the reading material?

I've thought of the answer to this question many times. One of the recent and most obvious examples of books contradicting the games occurred during the War of Thorns and specifically the Gilnean population. The short story of the Alliance side of this conflict, Elegy, states that the entirety of the Gilnean population of the Howling Oak were among the first to be evacuated from Teldrassil, meaning no Gilneans were lost in the burning. However, the actual game itself tells a different story. Players tasked with evacuating civilians and putting out fires during the burning will be saving Worgen and other Gilneans right alongside the Night Elves. Not only that, if you go to Stormwind's cathedral right now in the game, you can find the injured Gilneans lying right beside the injured Night Elves as a result of the burning of Teldrassil.
Now whenever Worgen players get up in arms about how the revenge on Sylvanas has been overwhelming focused on Night Elves and not Gilneans, others are quick to remind them that, according to Elegy, no Gilneans actually died that day.
So again, with this as an example, I ask which source we should turn to for our information about the lore? Should we trust in Elegy as it goes into intimate detail about the whole War of Thorns and, after all, is the only way to experience that event now that it has been removed from the game? Should we trust the game itself because far more people just play the games than read all the tie in material?
Again, this is not the only time one has contradicted the other, but I just think it's a very clear example of it that makes for good discussion.
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2022.01.20 16:45 Railroader17 Who would you rather have as your starting CF in the 2022 Season?

View Poll
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2022.01.20 16:45 awkwardsendhelp EMDR

I recently started with a new therapist after moving out of state and she has suggested EMDR may be helpful with my unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and my body. Yesterday was the first time we tried it and I'm not sure if this is right or not. She first started with having me envision a safe, happy place as I'm slowly tapping my shoulders and focusing on the feelings I get, physically and mentally. Aside from being caught up in if I was doing it right, or what she wanted when she asked me what I was feeling, I had is overwhelming urge to completely breakdown crying in the middle of it. This continued when we moved onto some of the traumas and thinking about them while doing some faster tapping on my shoulders a little while later. Is this normal? What happened? I didn't mention it, I know I should have, but I don't get it. It feels like lately my two emotional states are chill, not caring about much, and about to breakdown.
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2022.01.20 16:45 CellEnvironmental202 The syntac logos

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2022.01.20 16:45 Informal-Tomorrow-57 Apologizing about my posts

Hello. I just wanted to come on here and apologize about my crazy posts. Yes I realize how immature and self centered they sound, especially the one about my step kid’s baby sister. I just wanted to say that yesterday we were dropping off my step kids and their baby sister was in the car and got excited when she saw my husband, but not really at me but I didn’t feel jealous or anything. A few minutes after that we met to all go eat lunch and she reached out for me twice for me to hold her. I realize that she likes me but in her own way and that she feels comfort in my husband more and I should be okay with that. I mean looking back on my posts I sound ridiculous. She’s not even related to me so why should that bother me. It would be different if it was my step kids. But anyway I just wanted to apologize for blowing up this forum so much. I cannot wait until I go to therapy. It’s coming up soon. There are more things to focus on than that silly thing. I realize that now. And I feel so embarrassed and ashamed.
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2022.01.20 16:45 610sw weird question. do you die of old age in this game?

im serious, i notised that the age indicator goes up over time so does that mean that you just die of old age eventually?
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2022.01.20 16:45 CurveMental6381 PLEASE PRESS THE LEFT ONE

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2022.01.20 16:45 random334434 Could this be Lyme?

To clarify, I did not find a tick on me, but right before I started noticing symptoms I saw a tick crawling near me so I suppose there was potential it fell off me without me noticing. I did have a test but it said negative, igg and igm.
About 3.5 months ago I started getting two things simultaneously. I had spasms in the front middle and sides of my neck which moved from one side to the other and while this was happening I also had bladder discomfort which was worsened when I had my seatbelt around me. I also had some back pain and upper abdominal pains.
Since then, a ton of different things have happened. The bladder and abdominal/back pain went away after a couple weeks but the neck spasms have largely remained, except they’ve moved to the back too. I started getting muscle twitches all over and more recently I’ve started to feel like I have some trouble swallowing. Random muscle aches and pains, tingling and numbness and general paraesthesia symptoms. Strange headaches I’ve never experienced before.
I just had a brain MRI which was normal. Barium swallow mostly normal. I feel like I’ve had random joint aches and I think my knees might be slightly swollen. I actually felt the water on knee type sensation weeks ago. Pain on bottoms of feet and tops of feet have felt strange. On my lower back I have some light colored stretch marks which I thought could be bartonella although I doubt it. They are horizontal and not vertical as you’d expect with stretch marks I believe.
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2022.01.20 16:45 firIing i cannot comprehend how girls my age like me.

even though i (17m) have never dated or developed romantic feelings for anyone, i did experience being asked out a rough 7 times in the last year, which might not seem like much, however i’m still quite confused as to what exactly made these girls request me to go out with them, since i’ve barely exchanged a single word with most of them.
all of the said girls are school mates of mine, we all attend a private school so we all know each other, given the small amount of students, nevertheless i’ve scarcely ever interacted with them: 5 of them are in the same year as me (seniors) and the other 2 are underclassmen (juniors).
the most i talked to the latter two was a few greetings and occasional small talk concerning the teachers, i know nothing about them.
i never led anyone on, neither have i manifested any type of interest towards them, so it was more than just a tad awkward to reject their proposals of going out (non-platonically), i’m not the best at being empathetic so it came as fairly tough to formulate genuinely understandable excuses and i’ve also ruined the pseudo-friendship (more like acquaintanceship) with 4 of them due to my lack of tact.
i wish they would elaborate on why exactly did they choose me, after i never showed the slightest attraction to either of them. i don’t concern myself with relationships and feelings at the time being, and i’ve made it clear various times, casually slipping it into conversations.
i don’t regard myself above average, and i doubt it’s the money they’re going after, since most of the students here come from well-off upper middle class families able to provide them with whatever. i’m academically gifted, but i try my best to be distant in order to focus on my studies and avoid distractions such as this reoccurring incident that left me puzzled.
i’m evidently not generalizing and i don’t believe that all girls behave the same way and take the same approaches, i’m just apprehended by the lack of reasoning behind the repeated asking outs, even after showing myself as both uninterested and uninteresting.
i’m quite bland and career-oriented, so i don’t even have a large friend circle or attend gatherings or parties.
as odd this might sound, i would like to stop losing friends and cutting ties with potentially useful in the long run acquaintances due to this entire masquerade of hormonal teenagers, but how?
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2022.01.20 16:45 LunarLion What's the deal with The Great Reset?

I'm hearing more and more about this lately, what is it, what does it mean, how does in affect us all? Some high IQ cels need to break it down for me.
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2022.01.20 16:45 WANmusic New Year, New Season, so i made this New Theme Song. Hope yall like it! and hopefully the crew sees this 🤞

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2022.01.20 16:45 northerncap HomePod Timers Feature Request?

Let’s say I’m cooking dinner and ask my HomePod to set a timer.
Then go upstairs to watch tv or do something but the timer only goes off downstairs and I can’t hear it.
It would be nice if a timer would go off on the HomePod that’s closest to your iPhone. So, if i’m up stairs with my phone and there’s a HomePod nearest to me upstairs, it should play your timer or alarm on that HomePod.
Would be a nice feature. I submitted a feedback ticket, so you never know.
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2022.01.20 16:45 simthegreatt123 Hello thank you in advance $simthegreatt

Hello I was recently homeless and got help from a church and was put at a In Suite hotel. I recently caught covoid and I thought my tax return would've hit by now. The rent is $270 and I don't get paid until next Monday. I fear I will be homeless again but anything helps. Thank you in advance. Can also provide proof too.
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