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31 M in the US, currently at work. Come say hi?

2022.01.20 18:04 Villain_for_hire 31 M in the US, currently at work. Come say hi?

Trying this again :) I met some wonderful people over the weekend but a lot were gay guys that inquired about personal pictures and only about those. Im flattered, of course, but I'm straight. I don't mind talking to everyone but don't make the conversation one sided please and if I say no, it's ok, we can still talk lol also please be at least over 21
I'm a father, currently in the middle of a divorce. It's not messy or bad as far as divorces go and I'm not looking for shoulders to lean on or someone to cry to. Just conversation with new people and whatever happens, happens.
I work 15 days a month, 13 hour shifts. My job isn't who I am by any means but I take pride in my work and learning to better myself. It's just a coincidence that I use my job to learn new skills and brush up on old ones.
I have a few hobbies, some out of the ordinary so be sure to ask. My past definitely is checkered with questionable decisions but all make for good stories right?
I love most forms of art, music being what gets me. Metal, r&b/soul, blues, old country, EDM. I like most sports, even if I don't know all or any of the stats, I can still talk shop. Id rather go out and play though.
I'm active outdoors but appreciate staying inside. I like camping and off roading, most sports that involve falling down on wheels or a board of some fashion. If I watch anything it's YouTube like Matt's off road recovery, Diresta, Forgotten Weapons, AvE, Tested or anything in between. I don't read much anymore, Im usually finishing off a project or something.
I'm getting into digital drawing but I can't draw. I just keep erasing and redrawing stuff until I like the way it looks lol I'm also combining that with sublimation printing and putting my drawings on clothing and things that aren't supposed to have designs lol
I'm really good at replying in a timely manner and I'm not opposed to voice chat but I can't do them all the time. I have other platforms to chat like discord and Skype, I prefer Snapchat.
I don't need paragraph replies but effort in the conversation is much appreciated. I also don't mind talking to people who have no shared interests with me. I like learning new things!
Hit me up and we can ask each other things?? Send me some info about yourself and I'll reply in kind. Pictures in profile if you're curious. You can creep I don't mind lol
Oh hey
You're still here...
Didn't think anyone would still be here..
What are you still doing here? Just readin?
Go on. It's ok.
I mean you can read here for a little bit, but you can't stay here.
You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.
Just lock up on your way out. 👍
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2022.01.20 18:04 ShortAlgo $COTY Awaiting for Buy signal with https://t.co/XPt98Ai7Qt https://t.co/5WvVGf6F9x

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2022.01.20 18:04 BeginningSavings4379 Come having had, and please find your own accommodations …

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2022.01.20 18:04 saadmerie Book Marketing Methods That Always Work

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2022.01.20 18:04 Konahrik_01 Just got a milkcrate

I've been looking for stray milkcrates for the back of my 2012 for awhile; With no luck I finally went to my local store today and asked one of the shelf stockers if they had any they don't need, and to my surprise she asked how many and got a heavy duty metal reinforced one for me. Way better than I would have found if I bought one.
She also told me she doesn't even know if its allowed but to just take it 🥲.
The moral of the story is to get permission to steal and you get quality milk crates. Gotta wash out the crusty milk stains though.
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2022.01.20 18:04 6NinjaButters9 App acting weirdly

So as of recently (within the last week), my app is acting strangely to say the least. Whenever I listened to a playlist, it would always stay at the song I last listened to when I quit, but when I would go back in, it would be at a point a few chapters back. Also it would randomly switch audio for certain tracks and not change the title of the file. And now it appears that it won’t save any spot and go back to “not playing.” I’ve turned off cloud sharing, deleted and readied the songs and it still does nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.20 18:04 darkacademyhistory Dark Academia: ANCIENT TROJANS- Aeneas

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2022.01.20 18:04 Jangbola Advice about team

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2022.01.20 18:04 Claude_Mariposa “We’ll come up with a number.”

Here’s yet another reason why Tony is such a horrendous piece of shit.
After the war and sit down with NY, Tony starts bleating about how Bobby was his brother and law and that his sister has to “see something out of this”.
Butchie, amicably states “We’ll come up with a number” meaning obviously there’s going to be financial compensation for Janice.
It’s clear as a day to the viewer, with the kind of person that Tony is, that whatever amount of money NY would have given Tony for Janice, Tony would have kept the vast majority of it, given Janice crumbs/a small percentage of it, then acted like he was such a generous guy that looks after his own, smiling while the scotch dribbles down his fat fuckin’ face.
I’ve said my piece.
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2022.01.20 18:04 mrtrumbo These are the MOST MORONIC towns in NJ. See why

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2022.01.20 18:04 Red_0047ragt Que canción suena en tu cabeza en estos momentos?

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2022.01.20 18:04 topredditbot My boss said to me "You're so skinny!" [r/antiwork by u/Unusual-Risk]

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2022.01.20 18:04 benny1921 Bridge

I just had a bridge done. I think they grind my teeth too low that it’s causing severe sensitivity. Dentist prescribed prevident 5000 plus. Anyone with similar experience where prevident helped? My teeth were working fine prior to the procedure. Is this the dentist fault?
I am starting to regret getting the bridge. So much pain and problems. I hope to avoid root canal.
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2022.01.20 18:04 No-Breakfast310 Jupiter

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2022.01.20 18:04 hornyhornet01 HEHEHEHA

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2022.01.20 18:04 Nonocrafte نعم انها المخدرات

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2022.01.20 18:04 That_built_black_guy Old but big nipples

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2022.01.20 18:04 LexonTheDragon What mod allows you to voice summon entities?

Like this: https://youtu.be/hyZsxC5qirU
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2022.01.20 18:04 businessyndicate Sophisticated cyber-attack targets Red Cross Red Crescent data on 500,000 people

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2022.01.20 18:04 chanma50 Netflix Adds 8.3M Subscribers in Q4, Missing Expectations

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2022.01.20 18:04 ShortAlgo $CPF Awaiting Short signal with https://t.co/XPt98Ai7Qt https://t.co/BDAUOiYb49

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2022.01.20 18:04 littleneonlily I want bigger "peaks" I just have to play with the pattern. Im also debating on adding a pompom or not?

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2022.01.20 18:04 WhisperTickles Deserializing a JSON file yields 0 when referencing the variables in another script?

I am having trouble with an API call response where when I try to reference a variable from the JSON data, it returns 0, even though the data received is not 0. I'm using Newtonsoft.Json to deserialize it.
When I reference any of the variables in another script, they return a value of 0, and I cannot figure out why. All of the code can be found in my post on answers.unity here.
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong at this point, as when I Debug.Log the response that I get, all of the data is there properly, so it has to be something with deserializing the JSON data.
Any help here would be immensely appreciated as I've tried searching for an answer but I cannot find anything about this specific problem. Thank you for your time.
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2022.01.20 18:04 RazorRell09 When you yell at somebody to shut the hell up, you usually get the opposite reaction.

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