‘Something in the Dirt’: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead Preview Their “X-Files”-Inspired New Movie!

2022.01.20 17:11 Bloody_Disgusting ‘Something in the Dirt’: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead Preview Their “X-Files”-Inspired New Movie!

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2022.01.20 17:11 Freyasbodx Doing normal things 😈

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2022.01.20 17:11 UhPhrasing Should we ignore Hatchery Eggs?

If we're trying to farm eggs via runs or quick raid, is it in our best interest to ignore the eggs you can buy for 50 gems in the hatchery?
Or maybe only buy them the second you land an egg while farming so that you're not resetting the timer unnecessarily?
It doesn't help that those eggs are usually trash..
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2022.01.20 17:11 Specialist_Escape_54 Trying to invite my girlfriend

Hey, I'm a 18 y.o. guy and I haven't seen my gf (19) for two weeks cause we have our exams and I was planning to make her a surprise after that but I have some issues to find a good idea. She doesn't like to go to the restaurant or the cinema. I know she like theatre but I don't know anything about it so I have no clue of what would be a good play. I'm living far from any big town so there isn't much things to do. Do you have any idea ?
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2022.01.20 17:11 steve9207 Looking Like a House with Windows & Doors - contract signed Apr 2021, delivery Jan 2022

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2022.01.20 17:11 shittybuttt69 Learn something new in DS universe every year.

Been playing darksouls 2 forever first. Darksouls I played. (Yeah get mad).
For the first time ever crossing the bridge to get to dragon shrine I was just walking normally looking at the dragons and shit. AND BOOM THE BRIDGE BREAKS CAUSE A FAT ASS DRAGON IS LIKE NAHH.
Love this game and that I'm still finding new things
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2022.01.20 17:11 Bloody_Disgusting PlayStation Store Leaks March Release Date for ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’?

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2022.01.20 17:11 CryptoRetard69 Can't download Yu-Gi-Oh master duel on steam. Help :/

Guys firstly when I look for Master Duel on the search bar it doesn't come up. Secondly when I go on duel links and look for for the whole franchise that's where I can see master duel. Here is the thing when I click on it it says its not available in your region? I'm from West Europe. How can i download it?
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2022.01.20 17:11 Sackzaur What is a historical example of a big titty goth gf?

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2022.01.20 17:11 elmerV2 Rebooking Sami Zayn, Part One: Giant-slayer

So, I love Sami Zayn. Most people who’ve talked to me for a fair amount of time know that. He’s my all time favorite wrestler, and I think he possesses a totally uncanny ability to garner sympathy and support from an audience like no one else. I think he is a singularly perfect underdog babyface, an eternal David able to make any opponent he faces into a Goliath. I also think WWE has dropped the ball with him, let him flounder in a way that actually can’t be substantially recovered from. At some point he went from a genuine fan favorite to just another occasionally very entertaining guy on the roster, and I think that crucial transition point took place in the post-draft 2016-2017 era of WWE where besides a few bright spots he was given very little to do. I seek here to rectify that tipping point, to set Zayn on a path with far more potential, a path to greater success and maybe even a future place in the main event. I’ll try not to let things get too fanfic-y.
Oh, also a couple stipulations. First of all, Sami does not interact with Kevin Owens at all on the main roster prior to the start of this booking. WWE has realized just how much these two hate each other and has seen to it that the two are separated from each other at all times possible. Owens appears in the IC title match at WrestleMania 32, Zayn does not. Zayn appears in the 2016 Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Owens does not. They don’t have their now famous cap-off match at Battleground, because why would you sell money like that on Battleground of all places (The Shield triple threat also doesn’t take place at Battleground, let it main event WrestleMania 34 or something. Jesus Christ). Second, Sami Zayn should not debut on WWE’s main roster until the Raw after WrestleMania 32. He doesn’t show up in the Rumble, or at Fastlane, he doesn’t go back and forth between Raw and NXT. He can maybe still have that match against John Cena but that should be a one off. For all intents and purposes, his arrival post-Mania is the first impression most people are gonna have of him. Third, the New Draft should not go into effect until after SummerSlam of 2016. Why? I don’t know, because I need it to for the flow of my booking. Anyways, enough dillydallying. Without further ado, I give you my rebooking of Sami Zayn. Olé!

SummerSlam 2016
It’s August, and 2016 is not going quite as well for Sami Zayn as he might’ve hoped. He was given a hero’s welcome when he returned to his home of NXT in early January, only for him to be promptly booted off of the Gold Brand by the arriving Shinsuke Nakamura in a deeply emotional, hard-fought send off match in April. With nothing much left to do in developmental, Sami set his eyes to the top and made his debut on Raw several nights later. He hoped that the change of scenery and opponents would reinvigorate him and his infectious fighting spirit, but up in the quote-unquote main event he only found more of the same, and reminders of past mistakes plagued him everywhere he went. A PPV ladder match here, a television tag match there. No major losses, but no major wins either. Zayn is beginning to fade into the background, and nothing scares him more than that possibility. Sami starts off the month with a surprisingly competitive match against Kalisto on TV. Zayn’s heart barely seems in it, and though he clearly has far more momentum behind him, he finds it difficult to put away Kalisto or set himself apart from his opponent in any substantial way. Ten minutes or so into the match, Kalisto is able to shockingly transition out of the Blue Thunder Bomb and catch Zayn with a rollup out of nowhere. Zayn is able to kick out at two, but defeat was far too close for comfort for him, and seems to snap him violently out of his daze. After that, he manages to dismantle Kalisto with several quick strikes, and then takes him out pretty definitively with two straight Helluva Kicks to the face, an extra one just for good measure.
Sami Zayn def. Kalisto by pinfall (11:42)
After the match, Sami fakes a grin and humors the crowd by standing up on the turnbuckle for a few seconds, but he mostly just looks tired. He helps Kalisto back up to his feet, hops out of the ring, and begins to sulk his way up to the back. As he paces to the top of the ramp, his pity party is interrupted by the blaring of sirens and the entrance of the Swiss Superman, Antonio Cesaro. Zayn stops, so does Cesaro. The two stare at each other for a moment, before Cesaro nods and moves on. Zayn stands still, and looks on as his former rival enters the ring. As of late, Cesaro has been in the midst of an absolutely brutal Best of Seven series with Sheamus, WWE’s resident token Leprechaun. As it stands, they’re both 1-1, and tonight will be their third match and hopefully a tiebreaker. Sheamus makes his way down to the ring, the match commences, but Sami Zayn doesn’t leave the arena, rather he bounces down to ringside and sits down right alongside the commentary team. When asked what he’s doing, Zayn explains that he simply has an interest in the match and wants to see how it plays out from the best view possible.
The affair lasts a decent bit and is generally as solid as you would expect, and Zayn commentates with a giddy sort of anticipation the entire time, but eventually Cesaro scores the victory with a Neutralizer. The second the match ends, Zayn rushes into the ring with a mic and congratulates Cesaro. He then gets to the point, he says that while he’s been climbing the ranks of the company slowly but surely, he’s never beaten someone quite as credibly skilled as Cesaro on the main roster, in fact, he’s never quite been able to beat Cesaro decisively at all. He challenges Cesaro to a match the next week, saying that he’d like to get some closure by pinning Cesaro in the ring clean without having to roll him up. Before Cesaro can answer, Sami is hit from behind with a Brogue Kick. Cesaro stares down at Sami’s unconscious body, shrugs casually, and he and Sheamus walk to the back predictably wary of each other as the show goes to commercial.
The next week, Zayn Vs. Sheamus in singles competition is set to main event the show as a blow off for their spat last week. Before the match however, Zayn finds Cesaro backstage and confronts him about leaving him in the dust last week. Cesaro is straightforward with Zayn, saying that while he normally would be happy to revisit their old battles, this new challenge reeks of desperation and a bid for relevance, and for that reason he doesn't entirely fuck with it. Zayn argues back "I'm still the same Sami Zayn I was back then. Still just as good, better even. Just like in NXT, I can still beat anyone you can beat." Cesaro grins at Zayn and gestures up at the main event graphic, "Prove it." Sami Zayn enters his match with Sheamus more motivated than ever, and visibly the most electric he's been in months. He has something to fight for again, no matter how fleeting it may be. Sheamus is predictably brutal and hard hitting, and every attack is aggressive and hard hitting, but Zayn shows just how experienced he is by keeping up with Sheamus with a constant series of dodges and reversals. Head to head in a physical contest, Sheamus is clearly the stronger of the two, but Sami is the far more diverse and experienced when it comes to pure unadulterated wrestling skill. Put simply, Sheamus is a brawler, but Sami is a Canadian. He takes several hard hits to the head, but ultimately recovers and comes at Sheamus with a shockingly fast paced salvo of exciting attacks to put down his opponent for good. After the match he celebrates and fires a little finger gun at Cesaro, who stands watching at the top of the ramp.
Sami Zayn def. Sheamus by pinfall (15:22)
Riding high, Sami continues to demand a match against Cesaro. The two meet in the ring the next week, and Sami reiterates how strongly he feels that he needs to redeem himself against Cesaro. For his part, Cesaro continues to express doubts. He says he doesn’t think Sami actually really feels he needs this match to redeem himself. After their rivalry in NXT the two found closure and mutual respect, they shook hands and went their separate ways. Rather, Cesaro says, he thinks that Sami is using this rivalry as a way to make up for other, far more crushing losses, whether it be against Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, or Kevin Owens. With no option left, Sami Zayn puts all his cards on the table and begins to label Cesaro a coward. Cesaro sighs, and relents. He says that if Sami is able to beat one final opponent, he’ll be willing to face him down the line at SummerSlam. That final opponent? Cesaro’s former tag partner, Jack Swagger. Swagger rushes down to the ring, the bell rings, instant Helluva Kick to the face. Swagger is clearly shocked by how aggressive Zayn is playing things, and is forced to spend much of the rest of their admittedly short match playing catch up and the much faster and more motivated Zayn runs circles around him. After a few more minutes, Sami manages to take out Swagger with a Koji Cluth. As Sami celebrates, Cesaro rolls into the ring, grabs a mic, and leaves The Underdog with a few short sentences. “Make sure you know what you’re getting into here, Sami. Make sure you know why you’re doing this. I’ll see you at SummerSlam.”
Sami Zayn def. Jack Swagger w/ Cesaro by submission (7:13)
At SummerSlam, Sami’s shocking aggression is palpably still around. He’s not cruel, but he is playing things fast and loose, taking a fuckton of risks and hoping to Hell that they pay off. However, Cesaro, who has been studying Zayn closely over the past few weeks, anticipates this, and manages to frequently counter Sami’s wild unpredictability at every single turn. Sami goes for a Suicide Dive? Cesaro counters him with an uppercut. Sami tries to take out his opponent with an Exploder Suplex? Cesaro rolls out of it and is able to hit Zayn with a Package Piledriver. Seeing that his current unabashed insaness won’t work against Cesaro like it has his past few opponents, Sami switches gears and slows things down. That doesn’t work either. When it comes to technical wrestling, Cesaro has got him beat by far. Cesaro dominates from this point on, and after some particularly brutal strikes to the chest, seeks to end things with a Neutralizer. 1-2-No. Zayn kicks out, his resilience on full display. Cesaro continues to break Sami down, looking exasperated and annoyed, before ultimately making another bid to close things once and for all with a Swing. Again, Zayn is able to survive, transitioning it into a quick roll up and then kneeing Cesaro hard in the face. Zayn reinvigorated, comes at Cesaro with everything he has, and Cesaro, with a bloodied nose and a spinning head, is finally forced to go on the defensive. The final few moments of this match are an extremely fast paced back and forth, but ultimately Zayn is far more invested in victory here than Cesaro is, and ends things with a stolen European Uppercut. After the match, the two men shake hands and walk up the ramp together in a show of respect.
Sami Zayn def. Cesaro by pinfall (18:34)

Clash of Champions 2016
The night after SummerSlam. The last Raw of August. Most importantly, the first night of the newly reinstated 2016 brand split and draft! Zayn is not present for the draft announcements, as he spends a good portion of the night participating in a complimentary battle royal. He performs well, eliminating a couple folks and making it all the way into the final three alongside Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, the team known as American Alpha. Sami puts up a valiant fight against the two, almost managing to take out the both of them at several points during the six or seven minute mini-match, he eventually is overwhelmed by their numbers advantage and crazy suplexes and is thrown over the top rope. The impressive showing earns him a pretty stellar spot in the Raw draft at #6, just under proven main event quantities like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Charlotte Flair. When Sami gets backstage, he is informed of the news by Renee Young, and while initially elated at his luck his mood quickly turns sour upon learning who the number #1 draft onto Raw was: None other than the Prizefighter and Sami’s former best friend: Kevin Owens. Up until now their burning hatred for each other has been lightly hinted at, and occasionally mentioned in passing, but this is the first time we fully see how far it goes. Sami’s eyes basically glaze over in rage and he storms off cursing under his breath before Renee can get anything more out of him.
The main event of this monumentally important night sees a Fatal-4-Way to crown a new Universal World Champion for Raw, after the inaugural champion Finn Balor was injured the very night of his victory. Among the competitors we have Roman Reigns, one of the baddest bruisers in the entire company and the seeming future of the main event; Seth Rollins, the architect, the corporate sellout who Finn Balor beat to be crowned the first ever champion, with Triple H in his corner; Big Cass, he’s a big guy; and Kevin Owens, Sami’s backstabbing former brother, the man who put away resident golden boy John Cena, and one of the biggest asskickers in the history of pro wrestling, accompanied by new best friend Chris Jericho. The match is just as much of a hard hitting spectacle here as it proved to be in real life, though after a hard fought battle Seth Rollins looks like the favorite to win. He clears Reigns out of the ring with a Slingblade, Clears Cass out with a Curbstomp, and is about to hit Owens with a Superkick when he is suddenly attacked from behind by Jericho. Jericho beats on Rollins for several more moments, before he is suddenly tackled out of the ring by Sami Zayn out of absolutely nowhere. Sami Zayn and Jericho spill into the crowd, where Zayn kicks the absolute everloving shit out of Y2J and leaves him a heap on the floor. Unfortunately, the distraction provides just enough time for Owens to hit Cass with a colossal Powerbomb and pin him to win the match. He has no time to celebrate though, as the second the bell rings Zayn flies into the ring and the two begin absolutely walloping each other like we've never seen before. The show goes off the air as Sami is pulled away by a good half dozen security guards while Owens stands in the ring with his newly won belt and mocks him.
Owens and Jericho open the following Raw in the ring, celebrating Kevin Owens' first ever World title win in the WWE, fucking around, being charming and over, doing typical Owens and Jericho things. Predictably, the two are quickly interrupted by Zayn, who clearly is raring to get Owens but is unable due to a no-contact rule instituted by GM Mick Foley after the two’s brawl last show. Before he can even reach the ring however, his theme music is interrupted and replaced by a piercing “BURN IT DOWN!”. Seth Rollins strolls down to the ring with a mic in hand, passing right by a bewildered Zayn, and lecturing The Best Friends™ on how he should be the Universal Champion, not Kevin Owens. Owens clearly is far more focused on Zayn than he is Rollins, and points out that Seth already had two shots at the title and blew it both times. Rollins goes to attack Owens, but is intercepted by Jericho. Zayn interferes in the beat down and attacks Jericho, allowing Rollins to go for Owens and the faces to clear the heels out of the ring. As Owens backs off, Rollins continues to shit talk while Sami sits in the corner still visibly fuming. With it clear that Rollins and Zayn are the two guys that most want to take Owens down, Foley creates a #1 Contendership match between the two of them to be fought out later in the night.
Prior to the match, the two are amicable towards each other. Zayn is the perfect gentleman and Rollins is leaning tweener at this point. Besides they aren’t enemies, they’re just both determined to do whatever it takes to get to their real arch-nemesis and put him down once and for all. The match goes on as the main event, with Owens and Jericho at commentary, and becomes a brutal affair the very instant the bell rings. Zayn and Rollins just fucking go at each other with everything they’ve got in their arsenal, Hurricane DDT’s, hard knees to the back and stomach, kicks and stomps galore. Rollins, like Cesaro, is clearly a much better natural wrestler and possesses far more raw talent, but he can’t for the life of him even close to match the raw, unadulterated passion and drive that Zayn seems to be able to conjure up out of thin air. They keep pace with each other, they fuck each other up. They leave bruises and welts all over each other. Let me make this clear, this should be a PPV match on live television. Rollins is clearly getting frustrated. He’s one of the best guys on the roster, maybe the single best, why can’t he put this ginger midget in the dirt? To the surprise of the general audience, JeriKO don’t interfere at all. Rather, the fuck finish comes courtesy of one Triple H. Trips makes his way down to the ring and demands that Rollins puts Sami down, any means necessary. Seth doesn’t seem to like being ordered around, but he follows through anyhow. He plays possum, allowing Sami to set him up in the corner for a Helluva Kick, only to dodge at the last moment, sending Sami flying directly into the exposed turnbuckle. Sami goes reeling back, dodges a superkick, but is unable to escape from a Hurricanrana into a Curb Stomp. 1, 2, 3. Seth Rollins is going to face Kevin Owens for the Universal Title at Clash of Champions. Sami Zayn? Well, who knows what he’s doing.
Seth Rollins def. Sami Zayn by pinfall (22:45)
The next week, Sami doesn’t wrestle. Rather, we just see him backstage. Looking gloomy. He had promised Owens that he would make him pay, but as the years had passed by, Owens had only become more and more successful while he had stayed stationary in the same place, unable to do anything to change his place in the food chain. While he’s sulking, he’s visited by some of the most unexpected people possible, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Owens makes a show of mocking Zayn and his ambition, but then, in a rare moment of absolute earnesty, gives his former friend some advice. “Being the good guy, Sami? The hero? It doesn’t work out. You should’ve learned that by now. There’s no good, no bad, just winning and losing. That’s all there is. Rollins did what he had to do, I did what I had to do, look at us compared to you. You wanna make it here? You do what you have to do.” Zayn looks like he’s about to respond, but before he can, Jericho whacks him in the back of the head with a lead pipe. As Zayn lies prone, Owens screams at him that “You don’t mess with me! Learn your lesson and screw off!”, before the two of them walk off laughing. Understandably, in the fallout of the attack, a match is set between Jericho and Zayn for Clash of Champions. Jericho says that he’s a former multiple-time world champ and that Zayn is beneath him, but that he’s going to prove his loyalty to KO by squashing his traitorous former best friend like the gnat he is. Zayn says that Jericho is delusional, and that if he can’t get to the Universal Champion, he supposes that Owens’ lackey is the second best choice.
At Clash of Champions, the main story is that Chris Jericho is completely and underestimating Sami Zayn. He treats him like a joke, a jobber, truly more like an annoying pest than a legitimate opponent. He tries to play with Zayn, to toy with him and pick him apart piece by piece. Naturally, he very quickly learns to regret that. Zayn smashes past all of Jericho’s weird bullshit like a man on a mission, firing on all cylinders and beating the unholy fuck out of Jericho the very best he possibly can. Jericho, like Swagger and Sheamus before him, is utterly aghast at Zayn’s swiftness and determination. He’s being beaten blue every which way imaginable, and just can’t seem to get a hold on things. It’s worth noting that Owens is not at Jericho’s side during this match because, as we all know and is pretty obvious, Owens doesn’t actually care about Jericho at all. Anyways, Zayn spends a surprising amount of the match just dominating and cutting Jericho off at any point imaginable, but eventually the old timer wises up and begins to actually fight back with the spirit that he would against, say, a main eventer. The two are brought to a standstill, but ultimately Jericho manages to get the better of Zayn by taking him down with a Codebreaker and then pinning Sami with his feet on the rips, a pin which Sami otherwise almost certainly would’ve been able to kick out of. After the match, Jericho literally kicks dirt in the Sami’s face and spits on him, before peacocking around the ring as only Jericho knows how to do. As Sami lies there weak and on the ground, Owens’ words are almost certainly echoing through his mind. “You do what you have to do.” Later in the night, Owens retains the Universal title after more oedipal shenanigans between Rollins and Trips.
Chris Jericho def. Sami Zayn by pinfall (16:28)

Halloween Havoc 2016
Following Clash of Champions, Zayn is crushed. He took his shot at Raw’s tyrannical duo of JeriKO, and he missed. If that wasn’t enough, out of spite Owens has been actively leveraging his place as the face of the red brand to screw Zayn out of multiple opportunities and to do anything possible in his power to lower The Underdog from The Underground’s stick as much as humanly possible. Foley notices Zayn’s bad mood and gives him the best pep talk he can possibly, which since Mick Foley is rattled with brain damage, is not an especially good one. He tells Sami, you win some and you lose some, what’s more important than all that is that you know what’s in your heart and never stop following it. To cheer Sami up, Foley places him in a brief tournament to crown a #1 contender for the US Title, currently held by the Bulgarian Brute known as Rusev. Sami’s first round opponent? None other than Fandango. Sami seems mostly amused by Fandango, and extends what otherwise would just be squash by dodging Fandango’s every attack and cheerfully chatting with him the other time as well. Once again, Sami has been given a mission and that motivation has allowed him to bounce back. Eventually, Sami ends things with a Blue Thunder Bomb followed by a Helluva Kick. As the bell rings and Fandango rolls out onto the floor, his partner Tyler Breeze (Who also happens to have advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament) really hams it up and swears revenge on Sami. Sami beckons happily, bring it on.
Sami Zayn def. Fandango by pinfall (3:31)
A week passes, and now we get Zayn Vs. Breeze, which while still far outweighed in Zayn’s favor, proves to be a far more competitive bout than the match prior. Breeze and Zayn were sparring rivals back in Old NXT, and though they’ve both had very different trajectories since then, neither has forgotten each other. Breeze especially has not forgotten that back in NXT, he was able to get a decisive clean pinfall victory over Zayn, and he talks about it constantly before their match starts, standing in the ring, holding a mic, as Zayn sits in the other corner jittery and impatient to begin. Eventually, Zayn gets tired of laying around, rings the bell himself, and rolls back into the ring only to be instantly set upon by Breeze. For once, it is Zayn here who is doing the underestimating. Breeze has him fully scouted, and it’s clear that the Fashion Cop has done all his proper homework in preparation for his biggest match thus far in the company. Quickly enough though, Zayn gets his bearings and after a quick little back and forth forces Breeze to tap out to the Koji. The Fashion Police have officially been walled out of the tournament.
Sami Zayn def. Tyler Breeze by submission (9:16)
The matches weren’t exactly the most difficult, but regardless, Zayn has run through two different guys and made his way to the finals match of the US Title #1C tournament. Cass, if you don't know, is a big guy. A really big fella. It's actually why his name is Big Cass. He's being followed around by a much smaller guy named Enzo, who also happens to be pretty loud. While Zayn has been using his tenacity to blow past his tournament matches, Cass has instead opted to use his aforementioned big-ness. He gets in the ring, does the height thing, and beats the fuck out of everyone. Zayn is exceedingly cautious going into his match with Cass, beginning the match with some basic grappling in order to get a gauge on his opponent. Cass performs competently, deflecting some simple attacks and ensuring that he doesn't get worn out. As both get more used to each other and the match marches on, things begin slowly to escalate. Cass goes for some big moves, and though Zayn is able to evade most of them, he is hindered by a couple direct hits. Enzo tries to screw Zayn on behalf of Cass, and for his troubles eats several hard elbows to the face. The attack on his partner enrages Cass, and he begins viciously laying in. He also, as it happens, becomes very, very sloppy. Using this to his advantage, Zayn increases the pace of the match exponentially, quickly overwhelming Cass and then promptly taking him out with a Helluva kick. After the match, Zayn is celebrating when Rusev appears behind him and goes for the attack. However, Zayn has this scouted and quickly rolls out of the ring. Zayn gestures to The US Title around Rusev's waist as he jogs up the ramp, grinning all the while.
Sami Zayn def. Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore by pinfall (12:47)
Rusev has been confidently defending his US Belt for months now, he has remained dominant and powerful throughout his entire run while also managing to stay almost totally undefeated aside from some minor hiccups, and with only two reigns to his name he has already become one of the longest reigning WWE championship holders in the modern era. Zayn is a decent wrestler, he admits, but Rusev has seen his kind before. Driven and relentless, steered completely by their own imagination and willpower. But strong? Not so much. The second they see that they need more than hope to win, they fold. Rusev proclaims that he is the greatest US Champion of all time, and that the last person he's going to allow to end his reign is a twiggy Canadian man with a high pitched voice. Sami ignores all of Rusev's petty jabs and words of discouragement. He says that unlike someone like Rusev, he's had to claw his way inch by inch to the top of the wrestling world. He's spent years at a time on the road, suffered horrific injuries, lost friends and loved ones, fought tooth and nail all to find himself where he is now. And now he has a shot at the US Championship? A shot to prove to everyone who has doubted him how wrong they were? A shot to prove to himself how right he was? Well, he's not going to let anyone hold him back from taking his shot, not even a terrifying Brute from halfway across the world. Over the next few weeks, Rusev repeatedly tries to attack Zayn, to incapacitate or seriously injure him prior to their match, but Sami is always able to see Rusev coming and evade him just in time. Zayn says that come Halloween Havoc, he's not just going to take the title off of Rusev, but he's going to do it so fast that Rusev won't even have the chance to lay a single finger on him.
At Halloween Havoc, Zayn partially stays true to his promise, as for the first five minutes of the match Rusev is not able to lay a single hit on him. Every time he tries, Zayn pulls away and tears away at Rusev with minor attacks and all the like. Zayn plays things smart, but as Rusev is beaten down more and more, he begins to become visibly more confident. And that's when Rusev streaks. The Bulgarian Brute barrels straight into him, trapping him in various nigh-inescapable corners in laying into him as absolutely mercilessly as possible. Before? This was just a fight, nothing personal. But Zayn has made it personal, and Rusev intends to escalate things as far as they can possibly go. He chucks Zayn around the ring like a ragdoll, he smashes and kicks him to utter smithereens, and all the while, Zayn just barely holds on, occasionally making a bid for control of the match only to be ground back immediately into the dirt. Despite Rusev's apparent confidence though, he can't seem to actually truly put Sami away. Everything he tries, Sami continues fighting on, whether via kickout or rope break or whatever else. After like four very close encounters with victory, Rusev seems utterly exhausted. He falls back against the rope and yowls in frustration. Zayn stands up, spits out a bit of blood, and stands in the opposite corner. The two run at each other, they begin brawling back and forth, Zayn manages to force Rusev off balance and hit him with a Blue Thunder Power Bomb. 1, 2, no. Nevermind that. Exploder Suplex into a Helluva Kick. Rusev goes down like a brick. Zayn collapses on top of him. The ref counts three and the bell rings. As Sami is handed his new belt he looks to almost have tears in his eyes. He's managed to prove himself with this absolute marathon of a match a far more legitimate contender than some had initially believed. Sami sits on the turnbuckle and holds up bis belt, and as he does mutters three almost totally inaudible words directly into the camera, "Watch out, Kev."
Sami Zayn def. Rusev © by pinfall to win the United States Championship (19:52)

Survivor Series 2016
Survivor Series has arrived folks, and you know what that means! Stupid nonsensical brand warfare storylines that nobody likes! As of November, the number one priority on Raw is building a team of honest to god wrestlers who can crush any selection of SmackDown stars imaginable in the annual Survivor Series elimination match, and that means assembling the absolute best of the best. The first picks for Team Raw are sort of a given, Foley grabs up former Shield members Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as they are indisputably the two single biggest guys on the brand right at this moment. He also goes to grab Universal Title holder and representative of Raw Kevin Owens, who says he'll only join up with Team Raw if his best friend Chris Jericho is added to the roster as well. Foley reluctantly accepts, and four of the five spots are filled just like that. The last spot is trickier though. SmackDown's team has already fully been announced: Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Shane McMahon, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton. A team of bonafide badasses, and also Shane O-Mac, who could easily overpower Team Red given just the tiniest slip-up. This last pick, Foley believes, has to be their ace in the hole. He picks the wrong guy, everything could completely go to shit. So who does he pick? Well, only the freshly crowned United States Champion who Foley so clearly seems to have a massive soft spot for, Sami Zayn. Sami is predictably reluctant to shack up for his greatest foe, especially for something as absolutely, totally unimportant as Brand Warfare, but he eventually accepts as a favor to Foley, who he agrees has been a massive help throughout his time on WWE's main roster. Owens is no less happy about the pairing, and threatens repeatedly to leave the team and take Jericho with him if Zayn is not immediately kicked off. Fortunately, Foley calls Owens' bluff, and the two eternal rivals are forced to maintain a fragile partnership as the team's two main brand reps.
At the same time as all this hogwash is going on, Adrian Neville returns to the main roster far meaner and inhospitable than he was prior. He's turned into a real bastard one might say. After beating Japanese sensation Kota Ibushi to become the inaugural holder of the WWE’s reintroduced Cruiserweight Belt, and then proceeding to hot potato the thing back and forth with Rich Swann for several months, Neville has now succeeded in securing himself a stable spot as the King of the Cruiserweight Division, and mostly bored of it, has arrived on Raw and set his sights directly on one Sami Zayn. He runs through several different jobbers each week, brutalizing and injuring them one and all, demanding loudly after each and every single match that at Survivor Series, he wants a match for the United States Championship against Zayn, and he’ll continue to run roughshod over anyone who opposes him in the ring until he gets it. Sami, in response, completely and utterly ignores Neville. It’s clear that he wants to accept, and he almost does at several points, but his loyalty to Foley means that he at least has to try to stay out of trouble until the end of November. Perturbed by the complete and utter radio silence, Neville confronts Zayn backstage, continuing to demand a rematch between the two, asking that if Sami gets to redeem himself against Cesaro, why shouldn’t he be able to do the same against the man who took the NXT Title from him. Zayn, clearly incredibly stressed out by the prospect of having to co-exist with JeriKO, brushes Neville off and tells him that he's going to have to get in line and wait his turn for a shot at the US Title, leaving Neville absolutely fuming.
Several shows before Survivor Series, the two warring teams meet on SmackDown and attempt to size each other up. Sami attempts to mostly stay off to the side as all the others squabble back and forth over menial, unimportant nothings, but that all changes once he comes face to face with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, the remnants of a now fractured and splintered Wyatt Clan. Quickly, they single out Sami as the group’s resident weak link and begin relentlessly mocking him. Once again, trying to respect Foley and do right by him, Zayn attempts to avoid confrontation by stepping out of the ring and walking away. However, The Wyatts follow him and continue at him, leading to an incredibly predictable snap moment from Zayn. He begins to attack them, though is equally predictably overwhelmed as there are two of them and he himself is only one. Rollins and Reigns quickly come to his aid, but are just as quickly countered by Styles and McMahon. Finally, the most reluctant participants on each team, JeriKO for Raw and Dean Ambrose for SmackDown, join the fray, and the whole thing devolves into a totally incomprehensible brawl, ending with only Sami and KO being left standing against The Wyatt Family. Seeking to keep things from getting even more out of hand, Foley and Shane quickly conjure up a quick interbrand tag match between the insane team of Zayn and Owens and the much more solid Wyatt Duo for some undetermined Survivor Series advantage (I dunno, maybe the winning team here gets to choose who starts for each team at SS). Zayn and Owens clearly don’t want to work together, but Foley thinks the forced partnership may help them hammer out all their various issues. Spoilers: He is wrong.
Things almost instantly go off the rails, Zayn and Owens refuse to work as a unit, continually argue, and refuse to tag each other in until left with absolutely no other choice. Foley tries coaching them, but they blatantly ignore him, and at one point Owens straight up tells the GM to get bent, which almost leads to him and Sami throwing hands once again. For their part, The Wyatt Family and Team Blue mostly just seem incredibly amused by the worst tag team of all time, and spend much of their time fucking around and deliberately pitting the two against each other. Finally, after Zayn tags himself in without KO’s knowledge, The Prizefighter says fuck it and just walks out of the match, up the ramp, and backstage. Zayn is left to fend off the Wyatt Family all on his lonesome. Surprisingly, the abandonment by Owens seems to give Sami some room to breathe, and he instantly kicks things into a higher gear, separating the Wyatts, giving himself as much time as possible to recover, and just generally playing everything very, very smart. The Wyatt Family still have the clear advantage, but Zayn is working harder them, and as the match draws on he begins to get both Foley and the crowd behind him, genuinely invested in the idea that he could score an upset victory over both these main event level stars. Eventually, it happens. The moment of truth. Zayn hits both Orton and Wyatt with a giant Suicide Dive, before rolling Orton back into the ring, hitting him with a hard fucking Punt, and then setting him up for a Helluva Kick. He goes for it, but he’s tripped at the very last moment by Neville, who has appeared outside the ring. The momentary distraction allows Orton to hit an RKO on Zayn and pin him, winning SmackDown the advantage. Zayn rushes backstage in a mad search for Neville, but is unable to find him anywhere. Without much option left, Zayn goes to Foley, and apologizes profusely, but informs the Raw GM that he’ll need to find a new Ace in the Hole, because at Survivor Series it will be Neville Vs. Sami Zayn for the United States Championship.
The Wyatt Family w/ Shane McMahon def. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens w/ Mick Foley by pinfall (17:14)

Continued in the comments.
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2022.01.20 17:11 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Buy or Sell with Sanctuary Wealth CIO Jeff Kilburg: Penn National and ViacomCBS ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.20 17:11 Bloody_Disgusting Matt Reeves Says ‘The Batman’ Is “Almost a Horror Movie”

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2022.01.20 17:11 Revolutionary-Ear354 The Adventures of Fearnot from the show 'The Storyteller' feels like the tales of a Witcher Bard. The boy that wishes to learn how to fear and shudder as so faces monsters and horrible things to find what can make him afraid.

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2022.01.20 17:11 espomar Ukrainaj kaj rusaj esperantistoj: kion vi aŭdas pri invado de Ukrainio? Kion vi kredas?

En Eŭropo, Oceanio kaj Ameriko estas multe da novaĵartikoloj pri la ebla invado de Ukrainio fare de la rusa armeo. Kion diras al vi viaj amaskomunikiloj? Kion vi kredas?
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2022.01.20 17:11 daniel_crk ClubSport Universal Hub v2 with ClubSport wheel rim 320, initial impressions

I’ve now spent a few hours with it and here are some initial thoughts. For reference, I have the P1 and and MacLaren v2.
Firstly, the rim. Compared to the P1, there is really no comparison, of course. Finally, no creaking plastic parts and no alcantara. Playing rally, I always cringed when having to grip the top plastic part with the display. The leather feels great, the stitching is pretty flawless and I really like the ergonomic thumb indents, at least for me, they fit my hand perfectly. More importantly, the rim is also thicker than the P1, it feels way more substantial to grip. The rim itself weights around 900g on its own, tho.
As for the hub itself, I guess the most important parts are the buttons and the shift paddles. The buttons are passable. They all have a pretty positive click but feel pretty plasticky. I wish the covers actually had some texture. They also rattle a little bit, which is a disappointment, as that was my biggest gripe with the MacLaren.
The funky switch will take some time getting used to. It requires quite a lot of force to move, and since the cover is the same cheapish plastic as on the rest of the buttons, it’s slippery, so i mostly have to press it from the opposite side. Not great, not terrible.
I play on Xbox and PlayStation, so it’s basically only used for navigating the wheel settings, and as a PlayStation/Xbox button. I use it very rarely (same with the other wheels) and I feel it’s an oversight that it doesn’t have a copy amongst the other buttons on the top of the hub. I’d like to remove it from the clusters, but I can’t. Too bad.
The paddles feel great. None of my other two wheels have magnetic shifters and it’s the first time I’ve actually tried a pair of magnetic ones, and, well, it’s as nice as people say.
If anyone else is looking into the same combo, I’ll try to answer any questions I can.
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2022.01.20 17:11 AcceptableNouns Car insurance pause/suspension during long travel period?

Hoping somebody could help, asking for a friend.
What's best to do to save on auto insurance premium, when you're planning on being out of the country for between 1-6 months?
My friend says she cannot cancel the insurance due to Florida law, and her license being suspended.
Is there any provider who will do a suspension or like a "parked car" insurance to cover just the minimum while the car is left on private property, but still maintaining the legal requirements for minimum insurance?
The car is only worth a few thousand so comprehensive coverage is not necessary.
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2022.01.20 17:11 Frosty-Arugula9509 Alternate Universe: Invasion during the cold war era timeline.

1969:The shil expect a swift invasion of human territory trough sheer overwhelming space strike. Shil forces try to land but the force of 61.000 nuclear warheads would halt any air assault, the russians quckly mobilize their still standing reserves, while civilians hide in their bunkers or follow the protocol against nuclear annihilation due to the lack of understanding of the situation, many civilian areas quickly become swiss cheese as the shil's try to pierce trough the earths defense, creating a certain animosity against the 'invaders'.
1970:Shil forces finally make a breaktrough the nuclear warheads by continuing their orbit strikes but the innitial invasion is delayed by several weeks and the losses are already up to 1.000.000 due to the first attack, as for the human side, holes litter washington D. C and Arizona, the USSR would manage to be somewhat still in a good shape due to the waether conditions blocking any form on their siberian side, resistance groups already gather, fueled by patriotic alien invasion movies and 70's science fiction series, rendering the invasion even more complicated than it already was.
1970-1980:The whole earth would become a black zone, resistance groups proceed to pop out everywhere, with assault rifles not banned in this world and the soviet union being stronger than it ever was, militias makes the shil occupation forces lives a living nightmare, reconstruction would move at a much slower pace and the acceptation of shil rule would be a no no, at this point, the empress would send another 2 regiments to occupy earth, making their innitial invasion on the roaches territory delayed to several years.
Continue the timeline with more ideas !
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2022.01.20 17:11 Lifted247 Sent ETH to somewhere…

Attempted to purchase on opensea. Seller said it wasn’t his address it was the general page/opensea address. Opensea said they didn’t receive anything. Funds just gone… have the etherscan.IO printed to validate.
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