I just realized my bear sounds like a galloping horse 😅😅

2021.12.08 00:37 Virtual_Ball6 I just realized my bear sounds like a galloping horse 😅😅

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2021.12.08 00:37 mkm1006 My boy meeting Santa for the first time

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2021.12.08 00:37 PsychologicalSoft234 Relaxing game play. Background gameplay

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2021.12.08 00:37 No_Tour_6671 Should I (26 M) tell her (23 F) how I feel again?? It's been a year and half 😬

So first off let me start by saying I'm not some overweight guy who has nothing going for themselves. I think I look very good (everyone tells me I look exactly like Keith Powers) I'm not a novice when it comes to girls been in 3 relationships none of which the girl broke up with me. And not even bragging or anything like that but I have casually slept with 50 women or so. I say all that not to brag or anything but just to say I'm not a newbie with women. I also think I'm doing well for myself I'm an engineer and just got into the six figure mark this year and I live in a cheap area in America (Tennessee lol). Anyways last year summer I told a girl I sorta liked her. I sent her a text and she called me and I just kinda said hey I'm feeling you sort of. And she said ok she would like to get to know me more and that she is down to get closer. 2 weeks later she called me just saying she isn't rlly interested, so me being me I just backed off lol. We hadn't hung out or anything, maybe I didn't call or text as much idk. But neither did she it was just kind of awkward since it was the height of COVID and we rlly couldn't do anything outside. Anyways a year and a half has gone by and even though I've seen other people I think about her quite a bit. In that year and half communication between us has been pretty scarce so idk maybe I'm just fooling myself and she isn't interested. I know she is still single. Idk she is just my type...beautiful black skin 😭😭 , teeth like pearls etc. She moved after college to another state but is coming back to my state. But now I'm moving to another job out of state. Idk if I should just move tf on. But she stays on my mind alot tbh. Thoughts????
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2021.12.08 00:37 ElectricalEnergy69 Jehovah’s Witnesses left this at my home’s front door. Burned the letter and ripped up the envelope. Felt good :)

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2021.12.08 00:37 wizardstrikes2 Backlog at Dell getting bad

Ordered a R13 on October 27th. Third delay. Reason. They won’t say even when calling other than COVID delays lol…. They aren’t even allowing orders to be modified to get past the “waiting for part”.
We apologize for the delay. Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to DEC. 20, 2021.
Your order is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in delivery may cause.
For the most up to date information, please use the button below to track your order or initiate a cancellation request and avoid any charges. If a cancellation request is not made, your order will be delivered on the date noted above.
We appreciate your business and patience. Thank you for choosing Dell.
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2021.12.08 00:37 Karleney What type of person do you hate?

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2021.12.08 00:37 SkirtLumpy4479 Freecam in Minecraft 1.18

Hey there, i have been playing in a small server with some friends, is there a way to use Freecam to check on farms and stuff in 1.18?
If there is a bether subreddit to ask this pleas tell me!
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2021.12.08 00:37 recIpR3oCity2disCi Monako Market - NFTs are connected to the real thing of value | All $CLCT holders receive 33% of Monako Market revenue | Monako Market gives you the opportunity to trade NFTs with low commissions | $CLCT will be on Pancakeswap soon

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2021.12.08 00:37 notjustfloob Is it Christmas yet?

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2021.12.08 00:37 Donconario Sol Badguy combo 3: gun flame starter

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2021.12.08 00:37 SkillsIsDed why can't i be skinny

why why why why why why why why why
that's all i want
i can't eat anymore
no matter how hungry i get
why why why
i can't eat
no eating
maybe then i'll get skinny
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2021.12.08 00:37 mari_theflorist Cannabis Low Stress Training (LST) in the plants on my pc grow 🍃

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2021.12.08 00:37 chinkbasher How has this game affected your relationships or life?

I only get to play about 3 hours max daily, and that's on a good day. My poor old mother texted me last week saying she missed me but I was in the midst of a promotion battle so decided to text her back the next day. She's still waiting. I've almost forgotten I'm in a relationship thanks to this game. I go four days without messaging my gf. She thinks I'm cheating. If only. Actually, I'm in a dark room, furiously berating the AI because it decided that my two defender's colliding into EACH other in my own box somehow has grounds for an opposition penalty.
I try to sleep in on the weekends as workouts and plain old work leaves me tired but I get this nervous itch to get up and play on the old roulette again. At 6am on a Sunday I sit in that couch and don't move for hours unless for food or toilet breaks as I complete my SQUAD BATTLES grind. When my rare pack gives me Arthur, I swear never again. But sure enough I'm back the following Sunday. My couch now has a broken springs and is visibly sunken from all the times my 85kg body has worn it down over the months. The landlord wants me to pay for the broken couch. I lie and tell them it was always this way. He looks over and sees my FIFA box, cookie packets and closed curtains. Like a detective at a crime scene he can put the pieces together easily enough.
Wasn't always like this. Used to be a PES guy. Master League. Had so much joy those years. I haven't felt genuine joy in this game in weeks. Promotion doesn't even bring joy as it just means another level of sweaty players to acclimatise to. I want to quit it but I tell myself I will but only once I get to division 1 (DIV 4 now). But then I score my 300th goal with Dybala and all is forgiven. This way this beautiful man runs rings around the opposition... A thing of beauty. Mom texts "Are you ok?" I am now. Lose a game before bed. My adrenaline has spiked now with rage. Sleep badly. But I can rectify it tomorrow if I take the afternoon of work. Lose money but get promotion. I'm in my 30s... This extended childhood was sweet for a time but now it's feeling sad. I'm playing against teenagers mostly. The game makes me angry. Like I want to punch people. This game is worse than heroin. The only saving grace is I haven't spent a cent on this trash game. We all know this story but what is yours?
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2021.12.08 00:37 brokenbow2 [RESULT] The Enstone Airshow of 2135

Aviation enthusiasts from across the Isles converged in Jerusalem for a highly publicized airshow featuring aircraft from the United Khalsa Republic, the Black Country Industrial Congress, Muenster, and East Eire. Jerusalem was chosen as a "neutral ground" by all of these nations, who hoped to test their designs in the equal and eager, if not experienced or skilled, hands of Jerusalem's pilots.
Air Superiority Contest
The air superiority contest was fairly simple: four aircraft from a nation would form a squadron and engage a similar squadron from another nation. "Time on target" and ground assessment of aircraft maneuverability would determine the winner, in lieu of using live ammunition.
United Khalsa Republic vs BCIC:
The UKR's Luton Blackbird S fighters were slightly superior to the WA Wildcats sent by the Black Country Industrial Congress, thanks to their technological edge. The duel ended up being a wash for both sides. (3.34 for both)
As the BCIC did not send any heavy aircraft, the Hawk and Eagle heavy fighters also went up against the Wildcats. While the Wildcats had more combat strength for their size, the heavy aircraft proved difficult to damage - a pattern which would repeat itself in all future duels of single- and twin-engine fighters. (2.9 vs 3.34)
United Khalsa Republic vs East Eire
The UKR's Luton Blackbird S fighters were obviously superior to the light fighters of East Eire, both their short range interceptor model and the more conventional dogfighter. Everyone could see that Luton's aircraft were faster, more maneuverable, and in many cases better protected. However, the Irish aircraft did still manage to do some damage to the UKR squadron. (3.34 vs 2.39)
The Luton Eagle S and Hawk S aircraft proved difficult for the Irish to damage thanks to their durability, though the inexperienced Jerusalemite pilots struggled to bring the less maneuverable aircraft into dogfights with the more nimble light fighters. (2.9 vs 2.39)
United Khalsa Republic vs Muenster
The UKR finally met its technological match against Muenster, whose light aircraft were significantly superior to anything else at the airshow. Their excellent piloting manuals helped the Jerusalemite pilots assigned to their aircraft get the best out of the airframe, more so than any other participant, and the airframes themselves were better than anything Luton brought. (4.63 vs 3.34 light)
However, the heavy aircraft sent were not up to par with the light aircraft. Despite those same excellent training manuals and quality slightly better than Luton's Eagle and Hawk, the Muenster aircraft fell behind in the competition as they ran out of ammunition for drills. (2.81 vs 2.90 heavy)
BCIC vs East Eire
The duel of BCIC Wildcats and Irish light fighters went almost exactly as the Khalsa-Irish duel did, with the next-generation fighters outstripping the Irish in most categories. (3.34 vs 2.39)
BCIC vs Muenster
The Wildcats also fared no better against Muenster than their Luton counterparts. (3.34 vs 4.63)
East Eire vs Muenster
The most lopsided engagement of the entire airshow saw the two Irish contingents engage in a short duel, wherein the entire East Eire squadron was downed by Muenster fighters. (2.39 vs 4.63)
Close Air Support Contest
The Close Air Support contest would have no aerial combat. Instead, mock targets were arranged on the ground to represent troop formations, and whichever nation could do the most damage to a mock force with live munitions would be declared the winner. Three hundred Jerusalemite infantry, fifty Jerusalemite artillerymen, and two BCIC guntrucks would be the "target force."
The Luton Flicker S light CAS squadron inflicted light damage on the assembled infantry and artillery targets, and were unable to damage the guntrucks.
The Luton Falcon S heavy CAS squadron, with their significantly larger payloads, did a large amount of damage to the target force and damaged a few of the guntrucks with cannon fire.
The WA Lynx light CAS squadron had similar performance to the Flicker S squadron, with slightly less damage inflicted due to superior Luton gun technology.
Unified Ireland
As the East Eire delegation brought heavy CAS aircraft purchased from Muenster, the two teams worked together for the CAS and naval bombing competitions. This proved to be a challenge, as the two air forces have significantly different doctrine regarding training regimes, officer counts, and even the amount of ammunition to be loaded into the wings.
However, both heavy CAS squadrons inflicted very similar damage on the targets nonetheless. Muenster's squadron came out slightly ahead thanks to the technological advancement of their equipment, while the East Irish had a stripped down model that didn't have the latest in Muenster aerial tech.
Muenster's light CAS were roughly on par with the Lynx and Flicker S aircraft from the other two delegations.
Naval Bombing Contest
Like the CAS contest, the Naval Bombing contest had CAS and torpedo bomber aircraft from each nation engage mock targets offshore. Six were small plywood PTs, and one was a much larger, deeper-hulled vessel. In all cases, the heavy CAS squadrons were the most effective against the combined fleet, with the light naval bombers sent by all teams struggling to do any damage to the cruiser and having no weapons good against the smallest ships. Light CAS aircraft were good enough to damage the PTs but did very little damage to the cruiser. While East Eire had the least effective naval bombers, the other aircraft sent by all teams had similar performance within their given categories.
Perhaps unsurprisingly thanks to their advanced technology, Muenster's light aircraft were generally the best in the show, while doctrinal differences left their heavy aircraft lagging behind their Luton counterparts. Luton and Wolverhampton light aircraft were relatively comparable, with Luton having a slight technological edge. East Eire's light aircraft appeared generally outdated by comparison, though their Muenster-built heavy aircraft combined with sound doctrine made for effective if expensive squadrons.
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2021.12.08 00:37 aparkatatanbaksir newin allahı sikiliyor nerde bu modlar amk

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2021.12.08 00:37 debsfg [WTS] laco palermo 39mm pilot watch type b with havking and handwinding $ 380 shipped new condition

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2021.12.08 00:37 nemophilist22 What’s your body count?

My boyfriend is 23 years old and he has a body count of 200 I got concerned but he said it’s average for a gay man . Just trying to see how normal this is and what other peoples are to compare it to
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2021.12.08 00:37 death_or_die 岸田文雄の「底力」は現実を見ているか

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2021.12.08 00:37 takeitorleaveit1111 A romance movie centering on relations between a Black man and an Arab woman

I watched the film Rengaine (French foreign movie), and it got me thinking how about how many other films there are with this kind of plot. It's unbelievably uncommon in the Arab world but I thought American or European cinema had made a film between an Arab woman and a Black man
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2021.12.08 00:37 The3rdManIn Carson Palmquist hopes to thrive as a starter - Baseball Prospect Journal

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2021.12.08 00:37 YouGuysSucc Question for my friend’s Statistics class. How old are you, my fellow Eorzeans?

Asking for a friend’s assignment for his class.
View Poll
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2021.12.08 00:37 00gaB00ga23 Can we really consider halo infinites gameplay actually good?

This is kinda rambly and unstructured, but it gets the point across.
When you strip away the cosmetics and customization of a game it has to rely on the core gameplay in order to be a viable product and to provide great gameplay in order to keep people playing and to spend some amount of money. I see many people say that infinites core gameplay is great, but is this really the case? When the servers desync so often and so bad that people are a full few seconds to a half minute out of sync with other players, or in competitive matches where damage isn't being registered at all in gun fights. You can die and get shot through objects or walls as well. The melee is so broken that you can phase through players and get killed because you flew right through them, or melee damage just doesn't register at all. Weapon and vehicle spawns are so random that often matches are unbalanced, and sometimes even guarantee the other team a win. The weapon sandbox isn't bad by any means, but some have been changed to the point that they don't even function within their intended purpose anymore e.g., the bulldog and plasma pistol. The way play lists are designed inherently hurts certain game modes, such as objective game modes. Can you play obj game modes? Yeah, you can but is it really going to be fun when half if not all of your team isn't actually going to play the mode properly and cost you a win, in which you need for challenges to progress? These factors affect gameplay in one way or another and yet people still say that the core gameplay is fine. Is this really what we've come to accept as a good game? An egregious monetization system coupled with gameplay that on the surface looks fine, but as soon as you peel back the layers it falls apart.
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2021.12.08 00:37 Additional_Dingo291 Ander cuando pide RED

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2021.12.08 00:37 Espressoooooooo Cool adventure walk

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