My partner is reacting badly to my diagnosis

Reversing My Diagnosis. By. Mary Clista Dahl - ... But I do work best with a like minded partner. I hope to find a like minded partner in NE Ohio, not likely too far from you, but too far for us to be partners. And I might like to come see, and learn, from your “peer respite.” God bless. Hi, my partner is a massive hoarder, we moved into our first home less than a year ago, he promised things would be different but it is so much worse, we have a massive backyard with 2 massive sheds, they are both full aswell as my entertainment area, i don’t invite anyone over as I am embarrassed. Our house looks like a tip. How ‘DWTS’ judged Cody Rigsby after his dance partner’s COVID diagnosis. The Peloton instructor was not able to perform on the show with partner Cheryl Burke after she tested positive for ... diagnosis [di″ag-no´sis] 1. determination of the nature of a cause of a disease. 2. a concise technical description of the cause, nature, or manifestations of a condition, situation, or problem. adj., adj diagnos´tic. clinical diagnosis diagnosis based on signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings during life. differential diagnosis the determination ... The cough started shortly afterward — it was a deep, painful cough that lingered for months. Erythema nodosum (EN), a secondary condition to sarcoidosis, caused my calves to swell to three times their normal size and left large red welts on my legs.EN made it difficult to walk, so I shuffled to wherever I needed to go for several months. If your partner shares their positive diagnosis with you, you may be wondering if you should be tested, too. After all, the more you know, the better prepared you can be for future issues and ... I totally trust my partner, but this is just too much for me. ... I have a feeling that every doctor in the world could stand in front of your parents with a notarized copy of your diagnosis, and ... Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. It is estimated that about 1 in 10 adult males suffer from ED on a long-term basis. I looked at my partner and he was dead silent. "I was low-key happy but I didn't want to seem excited or get my hopes up because, in my mind, the doctor definitely made a mistake. My partner is particularly bothered about the untidiness, which is fair, but it’s gotten so that every interaction she has with my children is to nag and criticise – there is no positive ...

2021.10.17 07:53 HauntedDSi-XL My partner is reacting badly to my diagnosis

Hello I have recently just gotten diagnosed with bpd yesterday. My partner has reacted very negatively towards my diagnosis and she has a lot of anxiety and stress related to it, I’m not sure what I did. She told me I didn’t do anything wrong and she’s not sure why she’s reacting as strongly as she is but I can’t help but feel as if I am at fault for her stress. I don’t want to be a source of pain for her and I’m not sure how to make things better. We haven’t gotten in any sort of fight recently, and it feels as if her reaction came out of no where. I am in therapy and have been for even before we started dating so I am trying to get help and be better. Idk I guess I’m looking for advice or just views from a outside perspective. Thank u
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2021.10.17 07:53 frenchvanilla- 24 [F4M] lazy, lazy sunday

Anybody else who's still in bed? It's hard to get up knowing we have to work our asses off again tomorrow until friday 🙃
Looking simply for some casual conversations to complement the lazy afternoon
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2021.10.17 07:53 GaryGaulin Florida School Board Member Details Terrifying Harassment By Anti-Maskers

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2021.10.17 07:53 goldenmayyyy I fits I sits #2

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2021.10.17 07:53 UforUranus Felt joy and warmth first time in a while

I have depression. I live alone away from my family for job. Was feeling down lately. Last night, it was my niece's birthday. She turned 4 yesterday. Got in a video call to wish her. And that little angel talked to me nonstop for about half an hour. Told me about her dress, birthday cake, her friends, gifts etc. I felt like my heart will explode with happiness. I can't stop smiling.
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2021.10.17 07:53 mamabear-50 It’s the same price no matter how many times you call.

A long, long time ago before there was an internet or cell phones there were phone books. I worked for a National phone company in the business office, a precursor of mega call centers and I handled our directory desk.
Most telephone lines got one free listing with their name, phone number and optionally, their address. Big businesses had more complicated listings, called caption listings, with their names and multiple locations and/or departments with various phone numbers. Each phone number listed required its own order and was somewhat complicated to write to make sure it was placed in the correct position. All the caption listings were handled exclusively by the directory desk.
One morning one of the reps comes to me and says New Mall wants to know how much a caption listing would be with all the stores listed. I told her $1 additional per month and a $14 one time charge per line.
That afternoon another rep asks me the same question and I give the same answer. The next day a third rep comes to me with the same question. This time I take the call.
Hi. This is Ms. mamabear_50. I handle caption listings. The cost is $1 per line monthly and a $14 one time charge per line. You’ve called in three times and gotten the same answer. The price isn’t going to change. And if by some chance someone quotes you the wrong price the order will come to me. I will call you with the correct price and check if you still want the listing. No matter how many times you call in or who you talk to the price will not change. Just let me know when and if you’re ready to place the order. They quietly said ok and hung up.
They finally placed the order and I wrote the 100 or so orders.
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2021.10.17 07:53 addrain1 Some people just don't know how to ration their beans.

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2021.10.17 07:53 Bi0_B1lly Loved the cast of Halloween Kills!

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2021.10.17 07:53 NoobitePG3D Devs might completely remove battle credit currency❗️

So i saw one of reddit posts that exchanging bp credits to pp credits is gone in patch update.
About this, its just my prediction that bp credits will be removed. Battle credits turn into pixel credits after update just like when shards turned into coins.
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2021.10.17 07:53 Altruistic_Ad_5280 Bout to go skiing again lol

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2021.10.17 07:53 No-Brilliant5901 How to change recruiters

Long story short, my recruiter fucking sucked, tried to rush me through the process in two weeks, sent me to MEPS with out all the paper work I needed, a drug test the day before, and told me to lie about a fuck ton of medical stuff after previously telling me I’d be fine. I decided to come clean at MEPs and the liaisons made me tell them the whole story from meeting my recruiter to getting there and it became a big deal where I had to talk to some Warrant Officers about what happened. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who she fucked up with that day, just the one that put the eyes on her. She abandoned me at MEPS and hasn’t contacted me since. Now I have to start the waiver process and don’t want to work with her in case she fucks me over again. Any advice.
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2021.10.17 07:53 Critical_Yoghurt_871 Missed my exam

I fell sick and had to get hospitalized for a week in grade 11, so I had to miss my 2nd term/semester exams. I have a 9/10 gpa for the 1st semester though. Will this affect my chances of getting into bocconi? I have 1520 SAT and 9.7 GPA for grade 10.
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2021.10.17 07:53 Technical_One_9434 If you could say something that the entire world hear in they're own language what would you say?

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2021.10.17 07:53 LooseActuator1371 T25 with seeds / bud with holes - taste completely ruined

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2021.10.17 07:53 AnaFontana969 Celsius Network Promo Referral Code - October 2021 - code: 100175b9c0 - Get total $50 in BTC + up to $140 in BTC and BNB - when You sign up!

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I would appreciate if You use my referral code.
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2021.10.17 07:53 ratcolaTV Drew this today still trying to get stuff down like the teeth could be raised

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2021.10.17 07:53 asukitaa join for of leaks and links

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2021.10.17 07:53 pr0gamer359 After rereading tsukihime, akiha’s route never fails to hit different.

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2021.10.17 07:53 lastcomment314 [Queen of the Desert Winds] Chapter 24

[Queen of the Desert Winds] Chapter 24
Cover art for Queen of the Desert Winds
Story Pitch: During a tiny nap in bio class, Caroline was whisked away to the sands of Sirocco, where she slew the dragon, became queen, and lived out a full life. When she died though, instead of moving onto the afterlife, she woke up in class. Walking home from school later that day, she ran into an old advisor from her time in Sirocco...
Navigation: Chapter 1 | Previous Chapter | Chapter Index
Other Serials: Star Child | Vestiges of Power | To Crown a King || Book Info
Updates: Get Discord pings with ?rank Queen of the Desert Winds on the Reddit Serials Discord | Get updates via Reddit PM by commenting HelpMeButler down below (keep the < > for it to work)
Author's Note: So, I was a little optimistic about how I was feeling last time I posted a chapter of this serial. I've got a fuller explanation in this announcement post here, including that I'm going to be on a slightly slower posting pace until I get the writing muscles and posting habit built back up.
After being cleared of suspicion in the police investigation into the vandalism at Arborwood High School, Caroline had a discussion with Mr. Collins, during which her Siroccan ring pulsed with light of its own accord. While nobody knew what it had done at that moment, Collins learned later that evening that the magic from Caroline’s ring granted him magic that allowed him to know the history of any document he held. Once he, Caroline, and Disraine understood how the magic worked, Caroline got the idea to see what Collins would learn about the fake business card the Darkness had forged and had delivered to Caroline’s house...
The next day, Caroline brought the business card to school. Even though she had safely stowed it in one of the pockets of her planner, she kept checking on it throughout the day to make sure it was still there and that it hadn’t changed or disappeared. With the police holding the forged homework as evidence in the vandalism investigation, this was the only real document she and Disraine had that was linked to the Darkness. And with it, their best lead for uncovering its plans.
When the end of the school day came around, Caroline and Disraine made their way to Mr. Collins’s classroom, where he was waiting, sitting at his desk reorganizing papers that had accumulated there throughout the day.
“I was just about to step out into the hallway to see if you were coming,” Mr. Collins said. While he had been relaxed during class compared to the day before, Caroline noticed that he seemed nervous again.
“You should probably get a blank piece of paper,” Caroline said. “Just in case.”
“Good idea,” Collins said, walking over to the printer and pulling out some paper. “It worked wonders while I was grading last night, and I think I’m starting to get more of a handle on how this all works.”
“That’s good to hear,” Caroline said. She placed the magically forged business card on a desk in the front of the classroom so Collins could pick it up when he was ready.
Before picking it up, Mr. Collins took a long look at it. “It looks normal enough. But then again, so did that homework assignment. I can see why your grandmother believed it was real.”
“However the Darkness is forging these documents, it’s good at it,” Caroline agreed.
“Well, let’s see if there’s anything else to know about this business card,” Collins said. He picked up the card and nearly immediately dropped it, gasping.
“What is it?” Disraine asked.
“It shocked me,” Collins said. He took a step back from the desk and looked at the card before frowning at it. While Caroline didn’t press, she suspected that her teacher had already learned something about the Darkness and how it had made the business card even from that short time holding it.
After a deep breath, Collins picked the card up again and held it for a few seconds, his face screwing in concentration. When he was done, he gingerly set it back down on the desk.
“Even with the blank paper to help temper the experience, that was… It was more than I expected,” Collins said. His breathing was noticeably labored and his words came slowly.
“More in what way?” Caroline asked.
“Everything,” Collins said.
All three of them looked at the card for a moment.
“There was a lot of intent and research that went into making that,” Mr. Collins continued once he recovered his breath. “This Darkness made the card in the woods, as well as the body that delivered it. But it spent a lot of time watching the police officers who were investigating the school first, to learn how they dressed and how they behaved. It already knew that police officers were respected people in this world when it got the idea to use them to try to contact you, which is where it got the idea that impersonating one of them could be effective.”
“But why use common scamming techniques?” Caroline asked.
“I wouldn’t have known better,” Disraine said. “I’m learning about this world quickly, but I’m far from an expert. Even if the Darkness has had a head start on me, it probably has similar blind spots in its knowledge, or more, since as far as we know it’s stuck in the woods. I definitely wouldn’t have known that knocking unannounced and leaving a business card like that would be suspicious in this world.”
“It’s trying to lure you,” Collins said. “Both of you. That was the goal in making that business card. I don’t understand what it wants you for specifically, or how leading you to the police would accomplish that. But it really wants to corrupt this world’s source of magic, and thinks that you are key to doing that.”
“The Light of the Goddess,” Caroline said, holding her hand up to look at her ring. “Taking control of this link to Sirocco and her magic makes the most sense. Otherwise the Darkness would have to control every Siroccan who crosses to this world, or anyone else from any other world of magic, to control the magic in this world.”
“That ring has powerful magic,” Disraine said. “The fact that I spend so much time on dry land is proof enough of that.”
“If being touched by the Goddess’s magic is enough to make one a target, then we’re all targets,” Caroline said. “I’m sorry to have brought you further into this, Mr. Collins.”
“I’ll be fine,” Collins said. “The Darkness shouldn’t know about me, and unless it starts spying within the school, will it ever?”
“We can at least hope,” Caroline said. She still couldn’t help but feel responsible for bringing her favorite teacher further into all of this magic and danger. But he was right that he was a less-known element in all of this. If they could keep his newfound magic secret, then he might be able to get through this whole situation unscathed.
“Wait, did you say that it made the body that delivered the business card?” Disraine asked.
“I don’t know if it took someone from this world and crafted their will, or if it made it completely from scratch,” Mr. Collins admitted.
“And does it really matter?” Caroline asked. “Either way, it shows how much power the Darkness has already.”
A knock came at the door to the classroom and Kate and the Fall ball decoration committee came into the classroom.
“Hi Mr. Collins!” Kate said. “We were wondering if you could unlock the closet down the hall for us, but if you’re busy meeting with Lynne and Disraine, we can wait a few minutes.”
“We actually just finished with our question,” Caroline said, grabbing the business card and paper and putting them into her backpack. There was no way any of the committee had seen what was on the business card or paper, so Caroline hoped that they would just assume that she had just been asking about homework or one of her scholarship essays.
“In that case, I’d be happy to,” Mr. Collins said.
“Do you want to help with the decorations?” Kate said. “We could use a few hands, and we’ve got some surprises in store.”
Caroline and Disraine looked at each other. There was always homework to do, and they needed to check in with Carlson on their way home. But there was no good way to say no, so they agreed to help for a few minutes before starting their walk home.
While the Fall Ball was still a little over a week away, the committee was already at work, making decorations both for the week leading up to the dance and the dance itself. Caroline and Disraine found themselves turning tissue paper and standing lamps into decorative ‘fairy trees’ that doubled as light fixtures until they decided that they absolutely needed to leave if they wanted to have time to talk to Carlson and still be home before Caroline’s parents.
“The Darkness has been spending more and more time in that clearing again,” Carlson said when Caroline and Disraine asked about its recent activities. “I can never get close enough to see more of what it’s doing, even though I used to be able to get closer.”
“Your first priority has to be keeping yourself safe,” Caroline said. “Just keeping an eye where the Darkness is is valuable.”
“But you’re going to do something about it, right?” Carlson asked.
“Once we know how,” Caroline said with a sigh. “There’s only so much magic in this world, and we can’t risk it falling into the wrong hands.”
“More and more of the forest is noticing the effects of the Darkness,” Carlson said. “And word is spreading that I know about it, and how to stop it. Eventually the rest of the forest will want to talk to you, even if they can’t talk directly.”
“How would that even work?” Disraine asked.
“Well, that’s the thing that’s really making problems,” Carlson said. “Apparently, the clearing that the Darkness is using used to be a meeting place. And now there’s nowhere to meet, since the insects are only effective at containing it. The bees have tried to make it move, but it won’t budge.”
“I see,” Caroline said. “I suppose we could try another day to evict the Darkness from there with the Light of the Goddess, to drive it elsewhere, but I don’t know if that would really be effective for the long term, or if we could even do something like that.”
Caroline and Disraine then filled Carlson in on what they had learned from Mr. Collins about the business card.
“I can’t be everywhere, but I’m sure that we can watch for more unusual people coming from the woods,” he said. “I’ve been starting to recognize some of the regular people who run on the trails, so I think I know who doesn’t belong here. And the creatures that live here probably know even better than I do.”
“I think that’s a good step,” Caroline said. “Even if we can’t destroy the Darkness yet, we can at least heighten our guard and keep it contained.”
Caroline had no delusion that she and her friends were going to be able to keep the Darkness contained for long. But if she could buy even a little bit of time for this world, she would do it. And right now, Carlson’s idea of mobilizing the forest against the Darkness was as good of an option as she had.
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2021.10.17 07:53 LiverOliver Hi ji

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2021.10.17 07:53 CamRS17 Stove God is a genius for this contrast. This is art

Stove God is a genius for this contrast. This is art
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2021.10.17 07:53 brainfrog32 Zero-Calorie Magnesium Supplement?

Hello, extreme apologies if this is common knowledge. I've read the wiki and scoured the web and haven't been satisfied.
I've been taking these capsules for magnesium, and I was wondering if these would disrupt my fasting? I'm fasting for health reasons, not weight loss, so I'm worried that a capsule would disrupt my autophagy. Technically, the back says 0 calories, but I'm worried its 0 calories like a pickle is 0 calories. Meaning it could still "break my fast".
Is this truly a concern? Should I try to find another non-capsule supplement, if so, what do you guys recommend? Preferably something I could just pick up at a grocery store, online shipping is not very reliable to my house unfortunately.
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