Is it not possible for Crucnhyroll to add a undo button for Gears?

2021.10.17 08:13 Cade108202 Is it not possible for Crucnhyroll to add a undo button for Gears?

Seriously I have to point this out. In the character menu there are 3 ways you can put/ascend gears

  1. you can simply click on the gear boxes - this one is seriously simple and easy, but not everyone including me has thought of this because it is time consuming and we'd rather have put them all at once using other options as stated below.
  2. Click optimize at the bottom part of Character menu - This one is great if your desired gear level is 'n-(3-6)'. Overall probably the best option out of the 3 ways.
  3. Click Equip all in the middle of the gear section of Character menu - This one is very risky because it instantaneously moves on to the next gear rank and will leave you with no options to go back or even prevent other pieces of gear to be added to the slots. Most people only use this for grinding through ranks such as 1;6 - 8;6 which are not usable in the current meta for endgame players.
Point is, once you made a mistake you can't go back and it is impossible to get back the gear you have used. This is seriously a problem that Crunchyroll needs to look at. Even one single wrong gear placed will have major impacts on PVP, PVE, especially luna tower and CB. What more if a character needs to stay at, for example 9-6 but accidentally clicks the 'Equip all' option and then proceeds to 10 -_-

*NOTE: I just have to talk about this, as I personally have screwed myself up by going through 10. Therefore completely throwing all of my hard earned stamina and gear through the drain.
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2021.10.17 08:13 anoldninjaturtle 40M - I Should be Sleeping. But I’d much rather [chat] with you. M4F

A little past 2am here and I’m laying in my bed scrolling through Reddit instead of sleeping. If you’re doing the same… well, we already have one thing in common. Let’s find out if we have more.
40M east coast USA. I love tacos and chicken sandwiches. I drink cold brew. I spend most of my days pants-free working from home, I run every morning, I love 90s pop culture, I do Reddit deep dives on reality TV shows, and I love meeting new people.
Send me a chat!
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2021.10.17 08:13 tatertotqueenz how bad was this behavior in hindsight?

I can't get this out of my head for some reason. There were a few times as a kid when my dad would feed cap gun rolls to our goats, which would then explode in their mouths. Not huge explosions or anything, they sounded like loud pops. But the goats would freak out and smoke would come out of their nostrils. I think this happened more than once. And if I remember correctly, they were also fed rags from the garage with engine oil on them. They were also fed plastic wrappers.
Obviously nobody should be doing these things, but just how bad is all this? What is your initial reaction? I haven't really told people about it so that's why I'm asking here. I know I sound naive asking these questions, but I'm genuinely curious what other people have to say about it.
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2021.10.17 08:13 LegendarySecretive and also a meme

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2021.10.17 08:13 anabolicthrowout13 When will people start discussing male depression and anxiety is correlated to testosterone?

I've been a quiet lurker of this community for awhile and haven't started posting until recently. I've also scoured the internet about information on this topic for myself and to also feel comfortable enough speaking on it. A lot of the information I've found is alarming.
I'm a 20 year old male. My test has come back at an abysmal 332ng/dl twice on bloods. I've struggled with a bit of depression and anxiety most of my life. The first mistake was the fact I was prescribed celexa at the age of 12. When my depression got noticeably worse and I contemplated suicide at 14, my dumbfuck of a psychiatrist doubled my dose of SSRIs instead.
I've sense come off of them and I've been off of any psychoactive meds for almost 5 years. I never really felt like myself though. I managed but it was a lingering thought. When I had a sudden development of gyno, I got bloodwork done that showed I was only 332ng/dl. I got it tested again a few months later and it was the exact same number. LH was also in the tank at 2.
I've been implementing lifestyle changes to help. I've been lifting 6 times a week for the past 10 months almost. I also eat pretty clean with my only splurges being pasta and ice cream from time to time. I'm mostly meat based and trying to get to carnivore. It's helped but it hasn't fixed everything. I've tried a bunch of things OTC and other smaller lifestyle change to see if I can get myself above my baseline. Some things have helped. Others haven't but in general, I've improved. I've got a little bit of muscle on my frame and my dick works a heck of a lot better than it used to compared to 1 year ago. I've also lost 55 lbs in 2 years which I imagine helps my E2 aromatization tremendously.
Currently, I'm almost a week into Dr. Huberman's fadogia and tongkat protocol and it's definitely doing something positive.
I'm not where I want to be yet but on my best days, I feel like a BEAST. Zero anxiety, high "self esteem" (I hate that word for unrelated reasons), and incredibly confident. Nothing gets in my way. Perfect energy levels. I'm also more opt to tackle a challenge than I used to be. I'm a better college student too. I'm the exact opposite of who I used to be.
My question is when IN THE FUCK will people start asking about testosterone when it comes to men's mental problems?? I'm sure a many of you can speak to it helping you out substantially or even curing issues.
I can't stand that this hormone is demonized by society. It's quite tragic. There's so much bullshit around it and lies founded upon strawman cases of bodybuilders or athletes on steroids going ape shit. (Do I dare talk about Benoit? You can probably guess.). I hate that I get strange looks from people when I tell them I'm trying to fix my testosterone issue. Their immediate conclusion is that I want to sauce my face off with roids, get tatted up, and beat my wife (If I had one.). I can see it in their heads without them telling me a word.
When will the medical industry change? It's unbelievable that you have to go through the wood work and fringe resources to find a doctor who knows this realm of endocrinology. Whenever we come to the med industry in general for something, they want to shove pills down our throats with all kinds of side effects and send us on our way but they never address the lifestyle factors. More importantly, the insurance companies that deny coverage for TRT should be ashamed of themselves as you're denying someone's chance at a life of vitality. So many guys have to go at it haphazardly with UGL gear and their novice bloodwork interpretation in hopes they're dialed in correctly.
Are we seriously so politically correct and so not wanting to offend people that we can't tell them you should put a barbell on your back and cut the McDonald's down a bit? Is that really the case!? Or are we so bought out by big pharma and big food that they don't want us to know the real solutions!?
Rant concluded. Thanks for listening if you made it all the way down.
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2021.10.17 08:13 lucxs_ Yes
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2021.10.17 08:13 imran102 Cypherium project has incredible goals

Cypherium project has incredible goals and plans for the future and a team that inspires confidence, in general, I am sure that the project is running successfully.
#DCIF #cypheriumchain #DLT #hotstuff #blockchain #interoperability #defi #cypherium #CPH #CBDC
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2021.10.17 08:13 Transonic152 A strange substance...

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2021.10.17 08:13 Outrageous_Net8365 [Novels] Opinions on arc 7 Subaru

What do you all think of the entire cross dressing thing? I’m seeing a lot of people hating it or loving it. Not there there is anything wrong with liking or hating it (I mean you have free will and all) but I just wanted to gauge the general consensus here.
Do you think this is gonna diminish some moments? Is it gonna take the serious feel out at times? Or do you just not care. Would you want the entire arc to continue with cross dressing?
For those interested, I’m completely for it but don’t necessarily care too much for it either. I don’t personally see subaru being a cross dresser lessening the impact of things either, but I get that’s a subjective thing. I personally wouldn’t mind if the entire arc he was natsumi, but I don’t think he will regardless.
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2021.10.17 08:13 TalkToTheTwizard I played the Microscope RPG on RPAN today

I played a 2 player game of Ben Robbins' fractal timeline construction RPG Microscope today on distantsocializing. Thought I might share it to anyone interested.
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2021.10.17 08:13 HintofSarcasm Resize a screenshot that exists in clipboard?

I was jw if anyone knew how to resize a screenshot before pasting it? Discord and other programs freak out when you try to paste a 4k image. I know I can open up photoshop and resave it as a smaller jpeg, but that takes out the convenience of quick screenshots in the first place.
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2021.10.17 08:13 blueyez_cryn2019 I’m happy for you

I am happy you move on so quickly and with such ease. I hope she’s the one you’ve searched for and dreamed of. I’m glad I can still be there for you, when you need an ego boost, something boosted from the store, your dick sucked ect. Thanks for always coming back into my life when I almost ready to move on then string me along with false hopes and pretty little lies. Thanks for making me feel more worthless and alone than I already did prior to us “dating”. Now I lay awake most night wishing for death to hurry up and take me away from this horrid planet. I used to love like now I hate it Bc all I want is to be with you.
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2021.10.17 08:13 Jumpy-Syllabub1819 Spark a J

Anyone tryna smoke a J at hutchinson parking lot rn?
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2021.10.17 08:13 utagy I need advice on how to deal with an aggressive and destructive cat that I adopted and no one else wants to take him. I don’t want him in my home anymore after he attacked me and my other kitten

He was found on the streets at 5 weeks old without a mother for 2 days and I decided to adopt him. He was tiny back then and during that age he was calm and would sleep in my hair and in the bed.
Once he started to grow he became aggressive and destructive. I have big and visible scars from his attacks. When he attacks he is vicious. He also attacked my kitten who is terrified of him now.
I put him up for adoption online and it’s been a long time yet no one is interested in him. I contacted the animal shelter (there’s only one in my country as I live in a small country) and they said they already have over a thousand cats that they haven’t been able to find homes for and will not be taking anymore cats.
I keep him in a separate room most of the day because I cannot deal with him breaking things or attacking me and my other kitten. He screams and cries for long periods of time and hearing that constantly makes me feel bad for him but idk what else to do at this point. This situation is making me really stressed out and adding to existing stress I have in my life.
Advice needed and would be appreciated
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2021.10.17 08:13 LSI1980 so I helped my friend achieve his hard mode missions

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2021.10.17 08:13 SubstantialIce271 Yamaha m-65 and Yamaha c-40

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2021.10.17 08:13 morning_moods Sketchbook Tour

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2021.10.17 08:13 Baron_Kruger learn botany they said, newbie friendly they said.

learn botany they said, newbie friendly they said.
strange seeds are something really
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2021.10.17 08:13 Apprehensive-Ad-2356 What is differential diagnosis of gender dysphoria?

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2021.10.17 08:13 Chipper7773 H: skull Lord blood eagle suit. W: caps

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2021.10.17 08:13 scoobydoo0919 so I was just playing chess with someone and trying to help them get better again

And I lost to them 😭. I'm rated 1000 elo and they are 600 and I fucking lost. How am I going to cope with this, I will never be able to sleep again
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2021.10.17 08:13 QuantumGardener He-Cat, Master of the Mewniverse!

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2021.10.17 08:13 dumbocow Power [Chainsaw Man]

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2021.10.17 08:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Over 4 crore unorganised workers registered on e-Shram portal | Times of India

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2021.10.17 08:13 AguaThrowAway Gyms with infrared saunas included in the membership?

So Chuze Fitness in Broomfield/Denver has IR saunas included in the $25/month for the membership.
Do any gyms in boulder include an IR sauna, or even a regular sauna, with gym membership?
I haven't been to Chuze Fitness since before the pandemic, and I really, really miss sitting in the sauna for 30-45 mins a day.
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