2021.10.17 08:07 Twink_Syndrome vuatch

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2021.10.17 08:07 snoop21324 Where do you mostly live?

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2021.10.17 08:07 ferrigno8 Unreal •

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2021.10.17 08:07 MirusCast How (and where) to transition from "internet debate-bro" philosophy?

Almost all of my exposure to philosophy is from online debates and the like. Some more details about specific content creators I watch(ed): - Destiny - Contrapoints - Riley Grace Roshong (A few other misc I can share if asked)
As for my experience outside of the internet, I've taken a course on formal logic (though this was a math/CS course, not a philosophy course) as well as a small overview of philosophy sorta course (where we read short extracts/essays and discussed them).
I want to take philosophy as a minor (and am planning some courses accordingly). But before those courses, I want to self study a bit.
Any recommendations for where I should go from here? (If you have any questions about my opinions or experience, feel free to ask!)
Some particular interests: -Existentialism -Eastern Philosophy of mind -Philosophy of Mathematics -Argumentation
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2021.10.17 08:07 Real_Exit3672 Always Cite Your Sources When Doing Your Own Research

Always Cite Your Sources When Doing Your Own Research Saw this in the wild and decided to make it a meme!
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2021.10.17 08:07 Hot_9682 Visible 1st month $5

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2021.10.17 08:07 TrevinoDuende SAINt JHN is like Seal on trap beats and I fricken love it.

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2021.10.17 08:07 MrKatty Can you referencing a value within a pointer value?

I know reference capture variables, e.g.:

T v; T& r = v; 
But instead of using a variable, can you rest to a value inside a pointer?
T v; T* p = (T*) malloc( sizeof(T)*2 ); T& r = p[0]; // Is this acceptable? - Grammar wise, not opinion wise. 
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2021.10.17 08:07 sumita420 Object Remove

Object Remove
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2021.10.17 08:07 sockfluff101 Boyfriend doesn’t care about what I care

I bring up random topics from tiktoks like “oh this person is stereotyping blah blah blah,” and he always says “oh are u going to be okay?” And I know that sounds like he’s asking if I’m hurt, but he says that mockingly and sarcastically. I don’t know why but it ticks me off. Like i wish he wouldn’t treat me like that. And I brought up a topic about my race and my culture and he didn’t care, which kind of hurt, like wow u don’t care about something that is important to me? It kind of sucks because i feel like whenever i talk about things like this he totally disregards it. I don’t know if it’s because he is white, or wants to be edgy because we are young, but it feels really immature.
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2021.10.17 08:07 Kuriboh1378 Build a schematica with baritone 1 block type at a time

So i was getting into mapart and im allowed to use baritone and schematica, i want to place all the black carpets in my schematica without having the other materials but baritone keeps stoping, is there any way for it to ignore the other carpet colors and keep building the black ones? Where can i suggest that to the mod creator if its not possible now? Pls help me, im tired of this bot stopping when it still has blocks to place
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2021.10.17 08:07 crashboxer1678 [L] The prompt was "Tell me why you hate yourself, and I'll tell you why you shouldn't." Still hate myself, could use an ear.

I did horribly in undergrad as an engineering major, but got into a grad school for a different engineering major anyway. The grad school didn't have enough teachers to teach certain courses, so I didn't feel like I learned much once I left. I'm in a state of limbo where I feel like the last 6 years of my life were a waste, I'll never find a proper career, I won't be able to support my family (my mom's been out of work on disability for 8 years now) and I'm not sure what to do next. So scared, feeling so useless.
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2021.10.17 08:07 PicoFunny09 Thank you all for the tips from one of my posts

Im sure these will help. If you have any more tips comment on this post:
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2021.10.17 08:07 baji__ please help I'm stuck at episode 9-5, any tips on how to pass thru it?

Front: Moon Rabbit
Middle: Licorice Black Raisin/Espresso
Rear: Parfait Vampire
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2021.10.17 08:07 sipukff Baku

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2021.10.17 08:07 MuffinsMagic Just got the call I've been expecting.... "Can you come and cover (unvaccinated's) class".

anyone else in a similar predicament?
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2021.10.17 08:07 rhchdk Any way to know the year of manufacture of this Parker Sonnet?

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2021.10.17 08:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to close strong on the "cumming sawdust" joke
Original Post
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2021.10.17 08:07 yimia 【ツイッター】Dappiからは脱皮して別の会社に絶賛発注中のようだ

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2021.10.17 08:07 T2RX6 Cig if you are reading.. Can we please add 1 gun and access to at least 'common' ammo at every station?

It's hard to run missions in game without buying like 30 magazines to put in a back pack. Even harder when AI acts weird takes you out you respawn and have no means to try to get things back (for example port tresseler) because there's no guns or ammo available there..
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2021.10.17 08:07 Sensitive_Note9371 Lord of the Flies Easter Egg

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2021.10.17 08:07 Tsuikyit_The_VIP I want to marry Mavis

I haven’t watched that movie yet but she seems cute
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2021.10.17 08:07 CryptoCrunchApp ProShares Gets Approval By U.S SEC For Bitcoin Strategy ETF

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2021.10.17 08:07 TMH_LMEA2 Read THB- The Mystery of the Whale Tattoo: Major Spoilers? ***Don't read if your concerned about disappointment.***

In LA they learn the society was started by Kane who they believe to be Pygmy, and confirm Whitey Meldrum, and Tim Varner are apart of the gang. Coincidentally, Baby Face's wanted poster hanging in the precinct identifies him as Vinny Merks, and cellmate Mug Stine. Leaving the station they get kidnapped again by BF & Mug, but a gang battle nearby and cops who break it up help them get away. Back at the LA station, BF is picked up by the cops, and it's confirmed by the lack of tattoo's that BF & Mug are not part of the Whale society. The boy's deduce that Kane while in the circus hid the Ivory Idol in the Whale before he was possibly murdered.
You can read it here for yourself:
TL;DR below: Some details retained for their similarities to OMITB
[Dear lazy sleuths, yes, its long, but better than 63 pages right?!? You're Welcome]
The Hardy Boys (Frank & Joe) are tasked by their private detective father Fenton Hardy, currently undercover in NYC, to help him with his case. It involves the disappearance and possible reappearance of a smuggled priceless Ivory Idol (statue). An antiquities dealer received a letter from a 'Blackright' claiming to know where it is and would sell it for a fee. The dealer alerts authorities, who then hired PI Fenton. An informant calls police, but asks for too much money in return for info about Blackright. Fenton suspects there's a gang behind it. Now it's Frank & Joe's job to watch a phone booth where their father traced a phone call of the informant to.
Simultaneously, the carnival is in town. The boys suspect there's a link. They are coincidentally hired by the carnival owner, Sid Solo, the same day to help keep the number of pickpockets down to ensure they don't scare off patrons. They run into their best friend Chet Morton (who's latest hobbies always help solve the case; it's scrimshaw this day) and meet a lot of shady characters there. The important ones are:
Knocker Felsen hot-head ticket taker, Boko the clown, Rembrandt the Tattoo Man, and later learn of a dead aerialist named Kane and of Whitey Meldrum, an old sea merchant. Following that they get chased a ton by a cross-dressing Baby Faced man, a burly man named Mug, and Tim Varner a sea drifter. (Note: no one is a teenager except The Hardy boys and friends)
They come home to discover a large stuffed whale has been discovered in the excavation of a nearby construction site. The next day their school friends Tony Prito and Biff Hooper tell them they're now in the side-show business for curious onlookers and want the Hardy's to join them. They decline due to their other jobs, but plan to visit.
The Carnival owner isn't happy the Whale is stealing customers. The Hardy's try to negotiate a deal with Mr Solo and Tony & Biff, but it falls through when hot-head Knocker starts a fight. Mr Solo is worried he wont be able to cover salaries or bills so he informs his Carnies who are understandably upset. They say they'll take care of it though.
The boys warn Biff & Tony, but that night Tony is K.O'd and the whale is stolen. The Hardy's suspect it was flown out of the site so they hop in their plane and scout the area where they find stolen balloons, but no whale.
Back at the carnival Boko the clown approaches to warn them he's scared for his life and entrusts them with a key to a box if he goes missing. They notice an odd 3 part whale tattoo on the fist of Boko. Boko goes missing. Chet fills in as a clown. The Hardys' search, Joe gets kidnapped and almost walks off the top of Ferris wheel while bound and blindfolded. The clown's box is burned/compromised, but through scraps and other clues they discover Whale-themed connections.
Their father's weird-worldly cousin comes for a visit, and shows up a few days early. A series of shenanigans ensue. They use a fake news story to root out suspects. It works. They follow leads and are almost killed a few times by Tim, Mug & Baby Face. Some old seamen tell the story of how the Whale came to be buried after a failed circus business left town. They follow Tim Varner to a secret hideout and see Mug and Baby-face.
Knocker tracks them down as a messenger. He relays from Sid that the Carnival's leaving town and to give the boys a note that Knocker has now misplaced. Too-nice Chet invites Knocker to stay the night, he disappears the next morning, but forgets his wallet where the boys discover the note from Sid. Its a drawing of a fist with the Whale tattoo. Knocker returns for his wallet and does an oops sorry, and says it was found near Rembrandt's bunk.
They confirm some clues at a library, then track Meldrum to an inn. Meldrum has disappeared, but the boys discover their father staying there undercover in room 2D. He tells them he's been tracking Meldrum who via fingerprints was found to be the one to send a letter first to the Antiques dealer and signed it Blackright. He vanished after an argument with Tim Varney.
Meldrum's clothing was left behind, and pocket notes turn up the name of another accomplice Kane, who they already know is dead. They also learn of The Society of the Whale Tattoo. Whose members are: Blackright, Beluga, Blue, Bottle-nose, and Pygmy.' Their suspicion that it's really a gang leads them to Los Angeles where Law Enforcement's largest collection of gang tattoos is located. Before they make it to LA they're kidnapped by Mug and BabyFace, but are rescued by Chet.
In LA they learn the society was started by Kane who they believe to be Pygmy, and confirm Whitey Meldrum, and Tim Varner are apart of the gang. Coincidently, Baby Face's wanted poster hanging in the precinct identifies him as Vinny Merks, and cellmate Mug Stine. Leaving the station they get kidnapped again by BF & Mug, but a gang battle nearby and cops who break it up help them get away. Back at the LA station, BF is picked up by the cops, and it's confirmed by the lack of tattoo's that BF & Mug are not part of the Whale society. The boy's deduce that Kane while in the circus hid the Ivory Idol in the Whale before he was possibly murdered.
Back in Bayport they confirm their friend's whale is the same stuffed whale from the old circus Kane worked. They want to tell their cousin, but he has rudely left overnight with a goodbye note. Through note/handwriting comparison boy's figure out the visiting cousin was an imposter. It was actually Boko the Clown!
Later a new Whale sideshow is being advertised in a nearby town by none-other-than Sid Solo's Carnival. Their investigation determines it's a con job with a dolphin. Knocker apologizes for his past rude behavior which he says was jealousy. Their questioning of the carnies leads them to Rembrandt again who gives an award worthy sob story about his fear of Boko the Clown. Said Boko discovered that Rembrandt overheard Boko on a call trying to double-cross his old gang, but the gang found out and Boko took off, and he felt a they might come after him next.
Back in Bayport they decide to take the plane out to search for the whale again. On the radio they hear their fake news story is uncovered by the hound-like local news people (silly Chet). They almost die on take-off, to find their plane has been sabotaged. They hire a helicopter pilot, get shot at by Tim Varney, Mug Stein, and Rembrandt while in the air. They now realize they overlooked the likelihood of a hand whale hand tattoo on a man covered in tattoos.
Nearby they discover the whale in the bottom of a nearby lake. The helicopter drags it out, but as the boys are rooting through the innards, and discover the Ivory Idol, they're jumped by Tim, Mug & Rem.
The baddies steal the statue and tie up the boys and the helicopter pilot, who thankfully was able to radio their distress. The cops eventually find the boys, but not Tim, Mug & Rem.
The boys sulk at having cracked, but didn't recover the Idol. But then it dawns on Frank, they could be hiding out at the secret hideout they first tracked Tim Varner down to. Enlisting their father and the helicopter pilot they find the cabin. They peek in to see Mug, Tim, Rem, and a long wrapped object on the floor. Busting in and busting butt they subdue the baddies and hear the wrapped object groan. It's Boko the clown.
Boko then tells them the story that wraps up their case. Boko was Bottlenose in the gang and Rembrandt was Blue. Kane, had hidden the Idol in the whale, because it was too hot to sell. Kane died before he could tell the gang where he hid it. The Why now was because the whale was dug up.
Rembrandt was actually the double crossing informer, worried the statue was too hot to sell, he decided to make money off his buddy's going to prison. He's the one who burned Boko's box of evidence. Boko impersonated their cousin who the boy's had been waving a picture of around at the carnival and Boko used the timing to lay low until the real cousin was scheduled to show up.
The Idol was found stashed beneath a rowboat. The baddies and the Idol were turned over to the police and the Hardy's all returned home to celebrate.
Let's hear some theories about who's similar to whom in a TMOTWT vs. OMITB... Ready, Go!
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2021.10.17 08:07 Onlyheretoreplylol Why is there nothing redeemable about me

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