Can someone plz tell me da sowce (found it on youtube)

2021.10.17 07:49 Ugly_Demon-5890 Can someone plz tell me da sowce (found it on youtube)

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2021.10.17 07:49 patchdcallaghan I dont believe the phrase; "If you only meet assholes, you're the asshole."

Think of the extreme case; Mobsters. They kill, betray their friends, steal, cheat etc. They are the definitive asshole. Yet, when people meet them, I bet they act reaaaalllll nice. I imagine they rarely meet assholes.
Even in the common case; I think people tend to appease most aggressive jerks, just to have an easier life. I believe people are more likely to take advantage of nicer people in general and this expression is bullshit.
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2021.10.17 07:49 fragdar found some concept art for the new enemy

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2021.10.17 07:49 OddEntrepreneur9099 20M Ontario/ looking for friends online or Irl [friendship]

I’m 20 and a college student, I’m pretty east to talk to and extroverted so I talk a lot. I spend most of my time playing sports, working, watching YouTube/Anime, and working out.
I’m looking for something long term and someone who won’t ghost, I don’t mind it being online or in person as long as we get along. You just have to be over 18. I like to voice call here and there and text through out the day.
I’m around 5’7, brown hair, fit I’d consider myself pretty attractive
Message me and maybe we can become best friends :)
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2021.10.17 07:49 ZoolShop Macron and the ‘French Trump’ trap Gaullism’s heirs in a political vice | France

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2021.10.17 07:49 Renfield907 SE Alaska Mountains JNU-ANC

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2021.10.17 07:49 Rptrbptst Ralsei on his way to teach lightners how to do stuff or something, I don't know I haven't played delta tale

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2021.10.17 07:49 greminn Average Queenstown hotel view

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2021.10.17 07:49 dublinmoney Fuel sending unit anomaly

1991 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0L V6 automatic. This vehicle uses separate fuel pump and fuel sending units, they are not attached.
Changed the fuel pump out, now the gas gauge range has been halved. With a full tank it reads half, with half a tank it reads a quarter, et cetera. Usable, but annoying and would still like to fix.
My first thought, something in the tank must be blocking it, because it goes down but not up. Dropped the tank, removed the filler neck, still inaccurate. Removed the fuel pump, still inaccurate. Removed the fuel sending unit but kept it connected, checked the range of motion and monitored the gauges - everything worked perfectly. Reconnected the fuel pump, making sure there's nothing on it that could be blocking the fuel sending unit, but kept the fuel sending unit out - still worked fine, no electrical issue. Put it all back together, lifted the tank back up, back to halved range.
This isn't the actual fuel sender but it's nearly identical. Two things I noticed about mine;

  1. The float could spin on that rod. Is that intentional? Perhaps it's getting stuck in a vertical orientation?
  2. The float had a few slight "chips" or indents in it. Could those be holes, and it's filling with gas? How would I go about repairing them?
Anyone got any clues what's going on here? To be clear, the gas gauge worked perfectly before I replaced the pump. Afterwards, the range seems to be halved. However, it doesn't seem to be an electrical issue as the results are the same regardless of the new pump being connected or not. The fuel sender did not look bent.
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2021.10.17 07:49 LightUpCosplays For those that have seen it...

What do we all think of the Overblot!Idia "leaks"? I am loving the all-black wardrobe, first of all.
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2021.10.17 07:49 LordSaumya Cartoons inside cartoons are actually live action series in their universes.

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2021.10.17 07:49 LygExotics I’m going to bed

Any tips for public school I’m going next year it will be the first time since 4th grade tips would be nice
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2021.10.17 07:49 Hocusposwaldus The current trend for the last couple hours is oddly symmetrical. lol

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2021.10.17 07:49 eeeeeeeeeeee12342 !!!!!!

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2021.10.17 07:49 myriality DAOLand 101. General Intro, Research and Insights

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2021.10.17 07:49 DeityFox101 I was on my way to get the baby arctic fox I kidnapped after breeding her parents then I found an igloo by chance, I burst out laughter seeing this,(the fox's name is sylphie)

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2021.10.17 07:49 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Zynecoin (ZYN) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.17 07:49 itsrattlesnake Sidewalk Astronomy: Where would a good spot be in Duval be to let random passersby look through my telescope?

A good friend of mine once said that one of the best parts of owning a firearm was letting your friends shoot it.
I'm finding myself of the same opinion when it comes to telescope ownership. Nothing has brought me as much joy as sharing celestial views with my friends and neighbors..
It doesn't take super dark skies to see the moons of Jupiter or the rings of Saturn, or even the nebulae of Orion. Where do you think I could go here in town that might have a steady flow of passersby that would stop for a look?
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2021.10.17 07:49 Bazookaking0404 ⭐ [LOLI] [0.0/PVP/PvE] Lolipop Monopoly Alliance - Welcoming all types of pilots! - Also recruiting small corporations who are interested in moving to Sovereign Nullsec!

“The only ticker that will send you to Anime Hell!”
L̶o̶l̶i̶c̶o̶n̶ AHEM Lolipop Monopoly, formerly a meme alliance now wants to be taken semi-seriously! A member of FI.RE Coalition, we are now looking for people to help develop the community and defend our piece of space! You’d get the perfect ticker for meming on scrubs when you get killmails too!
We consider ourselves to be a laidback and chill alliance, with opportunities for all playstyles! We are accepting anyone from any timezone and are currently looking to expand our range of activities at the alliance level!
If you are interested in participating in growing in a smaller group or alliance, this would be your chance! Want to setup a local buyback? We need one! Want to help FC newer players just for fun? We also need those! (you can also get help from our other FCs if you are new to FC-ing!) Lots of things to try and we are the perfect proving grounds for you and your corp!
What Can LOLI offer YOU?

Looking for: Corporations & Individuals that are willing to:
Corps within LOLI currently Recruiting
Is your corporation looking to head out to nullsec? Perfect! [LOLI] has several Corp slots open to the public! With our part of null ready for habitation, it’s the perfect place for your corp to grow! Corp Application Contact: Kyun Kim Park (In-Game) | Thermionix#8338 (Discord)
Join our Discord for more information & Recruitment: Lolipop Monopoly In-Game Pub Channel: LolipopMonopoly Alliance KB: Lolipop Monopoly | Alliance | zKillboard
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2021.10.17 07:49 NRami69 Safemars

🚀 $SAFEMARS 🚀 First BSC token with a sister-project SAFEEARTH on ETH 🚀 Staking DApp Now Live 🚀 Deflationary token with over 60% burned 🚀 Liquidity locked FOREVER 🚀
SafeMars, born on the 13th or March 2021, is a 100% safe and unruggable project with over 480k holders and counting. Initial liquidity is locked away forever and has a blackhole address which contains over 60% (roughly $51.000.000 worth of tokens) of the total supply and is increasing with every transaction. Every detail can be found on the website
Within 6 months we have accomplished: ✅ CoinMarketCap listing ✅ CoinGecko listing ✅ BOGGED listing ✅ WhiteBit listing ✅ Gateio listing ✅ BitMart listing ✅ SWFT PRO listing ✅ CoinsBit listing ✅ P2PB2B listing ✅ BitForex listing ✅ LaToken listing ✅ BabySwap listing ✅ Babyswap NFTs ✅ Rave Culture sponsoring ✅ DigiFinex ✅ NFTs Released ✅ Mars Casino ✅ Marsswap update to accept fiat ✅ Staking Dapp Launched
We have just released our very own Staking Dapp where you can stake your SafeMars to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of prizes!
We have just updated our Marsswap to now accept deposits in fiat using Applepay, Googlepay & Visa. Being a SafeMars holder is even easier that before, blast off with us!
Our New Casino is now live and accepting deposits and withdrawals in SAFEMARS & BNB. Come and try your luck and join our other lucky Martian winners! With our redesigned classic casino games there's plenty to choose from!
The one and only Rave Culture Live 002 was sponsored by, guess who? SafeMars and our sister-project SafeEarth! With over 570M views you can't miss it!
With our new NFTs only recently released, we are very excited to bring you our amazing Mars Dog & First Landing NFTs. Look out for our new NFTs coming soon!
Did we mention that our CEO, Kenneth Churchill, had his first TV Interview Appearance with Bloomberg News, NASDAQ and FOX!
Join the SafeMars community on telegram, check our website for more information and we will see you soon on Mars!
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2021.10.17 07:49 KennyHikes 210826 - ENG SUB - Yabuki Nako @ TBS Love it!

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2021.10.17 07:49 uunngghh Duncan Robinson

How is Duncan Robinson looking this year? Obviously a 3 point specialist but he was a bit streaky last year. He doesn't have enough volume to hurt in FG but also doesnt really have too many defensive stats. Is he worth a pick up in 12 team?
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2021.10.17 07:49 TomatoSempai [Nacional] Poseer más de cien hectáreas. <];{

Si al leer esto no le entiendes, pregunta con toda confianza, este post es 100% serio y con la mejor de las intenciones, nada en broma. Buenos días, tardes o noches según sea el caso. De acuerdo a la Constitución Política en su artículo 27 sección XV, se establece que los latifundios quedan prohibidos. Así como el establecimiento de la pequeña propiedad. 100 hectáreas como máximo, 150 si se cultiva algodón, 300 si es plátano y otras cosas. Si es ganado de hasta 500 cabezas, entre 200 a 400 hectáreas (es muy variable).
Luego de investigar por horas, no encontré como tal algo opuesto a la pequeña propiedad, por poner ejemplo: "gran propiedad". Lo que sí descubrí es la Ley Agraria, título sexto, habla acerca de las sociedades propietarias de tierras agrícolas, ganaderas y forestales. Hago particular énfasis en el artículo 126:

Las sociedades mercantiles o civiles no podrán tener en propiedad tierras agrícolas, ganaderas o forestales en mayor extensión que la equivalente a veinticinco veces los límites de la pequeña propiedad individual
Durante el resto de este post voy a exagerar las cifras para ver si "capto" bien lo que estuve leyendo.
Vamos a suponer que para una parcela ganadera, como sociedad, considerando las 500 vacas a 400 hectáreas, podría poseer máximo 10,000 hectareas ¿es correcto? Así como tope máximo, es decir, la sociedad no podría tener múltiples terrenos de 10,000 hectáreas. Por consiguiente, hipotéticamente que quisiera como sociedad tener más tierras, se tendría que crear Sociedad 1, Sociedad 2, y así sucesivamente ¿verdad? Ejemplo muy exagerado: hipotéticamente que quisiera tener un terreno de 34,500 ha (número al azar, puede ser 30,000 ha para simplificar, el punto es que sea mayor a 10,000 ha), ¿tendría que constituir cuatro sociedades para administrar dicho terreno fraccionado entre las sociedades anteriormente mencionadas (tres que administren 10,000 ha y la cuarta de 4,500 o cuatro de 8,625 ha)?
Comento esto debido a que me entró a su vez la duda de cómo las empresas tienen múltiples terrenos con hectáreas considerables, no necesariamente ganaderas, pero destinadas a uso comercial, vienen siendo centros de distribución, bodegas, plantas de energía, etcétera. ¿Fraccionan sus empresas? Es decir por ejemplo: "Sociedad que administra el noreste del país", "Sociedad que administra el sur del país" con sus respectivos terrenos, pero siendo "empresas filiales bajo una matriz": "Sociedad principal". Primer ejemplo: Bodegas "A", que tiene múltiples bodegas en Tijuana, Ciudad de México, Puebla Monterrey. Segundo ejemplo: los aeropuertos internacionales. Tercer ejemplo: las plantas de generación eléctrica, especialmente las eólicas, que por su separación entre generadores requieren de grandes extensiones de terreno. En este caso, ¿una empresa llamada "Energia MX" tendría que tener otras sociedades destinadas a cada una de sus plantas? "Energia MX Tabasco", "Energía MX Querétaro", etcétera.
No obstante, creo que el párrafo anterior está "mal" de cierta manera, ya que no veo que dichas empresas estén constituidas bajo el régimen de actividades agrícolas o ganaderas-personas-morales%3F) hablando particularmente de empresas de logística (bajo una S. A. de C. V. "normal", ya que ese régimen es 90% de actividades dedicadas a lo mismo).
No sé si poner de ejemplo OXXO, ya que desconozco cómo se maneje como tal, tengo entendido que no tiene parcelas, sino que los dueños de las mismas se las prestan (arrendan) o rentan, pero desconozco si cada metro cuadrado en los que OXXO hubiese construido fuese añadido a ese límite de posesión de terrenos.
Continuando con lo anterior de las hectáreas. ¿Cómo le hacen para usar enormes terrenos y destinarlos para hacer colonias privadas? No ando mucho en la movida, pero creo que los fraccionan, pero aún así, suponiendo que todo siga sin vender, seguirían siendo de la sociedad (a su nombre) y por obviedad, con la misma extensión de terreno. No encontré cómo se maneje eso, sólo de terrenos agrarios, ganaderos y forestales.
A su vez, volviendo con el artículo 126, en los requisitos se expone lo siguiente:
Deberán participar en la sociedad, por lo menos, tantos individuos como veces rebasen las tierras de la sociedad los límites de la pequeña propiedad individual. Al efecto, se tomará en cuenta la participación de cada individuo, ya sea directamente o a través de otra sociedad;
Es decir, volviendo al ejemplo de las 34,500 ha: Tomando en cuenta un límite ahora de 500 ha por persona física. Para llegar al límite de 10,000 ha se requerirían 20 personas. Al menos eso tengo entendido. Y se usarían esas 20 personas para las otras tres sociedades (o 17 personas entre cuatro sociedades con 8,625 ha cada una).
Su objeto social deberá limitarse a la producción, transformación o comercialización de productos agrícolas, ganaderos o forestales y a los demás actos accesorios necesarios para el cumplimiento de dicho objeto;
Es decir: no puedo usar el terreno para bodegas o un parque industrial y poner a la venta fracciones de terreno. Entonces, volviendo a lo mismo ¿cómo le hacen para hacer esos enormes parques industriales? ¿Le mueven a las características del terreno (uso de suelo para otra cosa)?
Pero parece ser que quizá todo lo que he formulado esté mal, y los siguientes párrafos sean los que vayan por buen camino: Ya con lo último que comenté, me surgió una idea (con el enlace anterior que puse): podría tener, volviendo al ejemplo del terreno de 34,500 ha; convertirlo en cualquier cosa que no sea agricultura: uso industrial (pa' un parque industrial), mixto, residencial (crear fraccionamientos privados), etc... ¿así me libraría de hacer tanta sociedad?
Parece que, quizá, esté más o menos en la dirección correcta. ¿Es correcto?
Claro, por supuesto, tendría que verlo bien con asesores y así, ya veo venir esos comentarios (justificados) y los comprendo, pero de verdad me gustaría saber más o menos por donde van los tiros, para estar en la jugada.
Un saludo cordial.
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2021.10.17 07:49 ar1ro Legion 5 Best mining config... (RTX 3060 -46.34MH/s @110W)

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2021.10.17 07:49 daddygotedgeback Prune the family tree of dead branches, as they say

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